Serbia off the beaten path – Zlatar lake


Serbia is a landlocked country, which means it does not have a sea. On the other hand, we have dozens or even hundreds of beautiful lakes. Many of them are very famous tourist attractions, with beaches, bars, and resorts all around the lake area. Presently, we are featuring the Zlatar lake (in Serbian: Zlatarsko jezero). With 7,25 square kilometers of the area, it is one of the biggest lakes in Serbia.


Zlatar lake and Uvac special nature reserve

Zlatar lake is an artificial lake, 23 km long. It was created in the 1960s after the construction of a dam on the Uvac river. The ambitious project required several villages to be flooded, to build a hydroelectric power plant. For that reason, older locals sometimes call it “the Atlantis of west Serbia” or “Kokin Brod lake”, in honor of the flooded town. The dam is whooping 83 meters high, and the deepest point of Zlatar lake is over 70 meters deep. In essence, Zlatar lake genuinely looks like a sea! The entire area of the Uvac river, together with three artificial lakes on it (Zlatar lake being one of them) is a special nature reserve of exceptional importance.

The atmosphere is of course, coastal. Plenty of water sports and other activities are offered here. The most popular activity is the lake cruise. It starts at the Visitor Center, very close to the dam itself. It is 3 hours long and the visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, pristine nature and if they are lucky – maybe even see the famous griffon vulture flying above the lush pine forest. The tour ends at 114m long Puljci bridge, which connects 2 banks of the lake.

There are many natural beaches along the coast, and they are perfect for swimming, playing volleyball or just enjoying the sun. Rent a pedal boat or inflatable rubber boat and start the adventure on your own. Explore the small bays and inlets of the lake. Hikers, climb up to the viewpoint of Sava’s Chair (in Serbian: Savina stolica). The view of Zlatar lake from the platform is breathtaking and unforgettable. Enjoy the birdwatching, as this destination has an important place on the European ornithology map. Every summer, you can watch Zlatar regatta – and even participate in it!


Visit West Serbia

Zlatar lake is 250 km away from Belgrade. Upon your request, we can incorporate the visit to the lake in one of our tours, or organize a private tour, with or without overnight accommodation. While you are in the area, do not miss the chance to explore the entire nature reserve. Visit the other two lakes – Radoinjsko lake and the Sjenica lake. Of course, you can’t miss the famous meanders of the Uvac River.

Zlatar lake is named after the Zlatar mountain. This is the great destination in winter too, as the ski resort is operating on mountain Zlatar. Further, visit an adventure park, second largest in Serbia, and test your courage, flexibility, and fitness. Besides it, just for real adrenaline junkies, there is a zip line Zlatar, which is 1,000 meters long.

Tourist facilities are widely available. You can stay not only in hotels and apartments but also in traditional houses, log cabins or ethno villages as well. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area. They offer fresh and even home-made meals, made of local ingredients, and representing the cuisine of West Serbia. Buy a jar of Zlatar honey and bring it home as a tasty “souvenir” from your visit to Serbia!

Last but not least – pay attention to your safety! In brief – monitor the most recent travel advisory, wear a face mask where required, and practice the social distancing. Also, take care of the environment and wildlife, and your personal safety in nature and on the water. We welcome you to Serbia with open arms!

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