Serbia off the beaten path- Thermal Spa Pacir


Have you ever heard of Thermal Spa Pacir? You probably have not. That is why we decided that this should be the next stop on our virtual trip across Serbia. Since our plans concerning travel are disrupted this year, this is one of the methods to learn more about our beautiful country. Fortunately, we have a lot to offer. From mountains and villages to spas, there are so many amazing and attractive locations and beautiful places for rest and rehabilitation. Needless to say, each part of Serbia stands out in some way. Last time we took you to Ivanovo near Belgrade. Now we take you north.

Thermal Spa Pacir- a perfect place for relaxation

The village Pacir, or Thermal Spa Pacir, as it is called because of the healing thermal water, is one of many wonders of Serbia. This artificial lake is located halfway between Novi Sad and Subotica, in the immediate vicinity of Backa Topola. It can boast with peace and beauty, and a unique beach with a specific color of thermal water. The color is neither more nor less than pink.


Until recently, people from Vojvodina practiced going to spas in Hungary, especially those who live near the border with that country. Since its establishment in 2014, Pacir has attracted more and more locals every year, but also tourists. The main reason is its unique pink color. On the other hand, if you decide on this option, it will save the time you would spend on the road or at the border. In both cases, it can take to several hours of your time. Last, but not least, you will save money.

The complex contains a beach with a capacity of  200 people. In addition to the lake, two indoor pools are also available during the winter. Free parking and wireless internet are provided, and within the spa, you can buy a treat for your children or have lunch. Be sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes as there are showers available. As for accommodation, there are two options. You can choose between nearby private accommodation or a hotel room in Backa Topola.

The development will not end with this since there is a plan for sauna installation. The intention is for Thermal Spa Pacir to become one of the main tourist attractions.


Swimming in the pink lake

The hot water in Thermal Spa Pacir comes from a depth of 1,400 meters. This 2,000-square-meter lake leaves a strong impression on all its visitors. Its size is similar to the size of two Olympic pools. It is one of its kind in Vojvodina and this part of Europe, too.

The aforementioned pink color is what characterizes this lake, but only in summer. The secret of this phenomenon is actually a consequence of the high concentration of iodine, lithium, and bromine. That is why the water has an unusual smell but is resistant to unwanted bacteria. On its way to the surface, the water passes through different layers of rocks thus becoming enriched with minerals. Based on the composition of the water, it helps in the treatment of vascular diseases, muscle injuries, and skin diseases. Apart from the minerals, the lake contains 21-22 grams of salt per liter.


Control of the water quality is regularly conducted, although due to the mixture of minerals in it, hardly anything can survive to make a problem for bathers. However, 20-30 minutes is a recommended maximum you can spend in the water at once. The water smells of Iodine and other minerals, but you will not feel it after a couple of minutes.

The pink lake, not only is a great choice for a vacation, but the photos will look like from a fairy tale. We advise you to definitely visit Pacir once when the Covid-19 epidemic improves. He who comes once will surely want to return. Thermal Spa Pacir is just one of many places we have in plan to introduce you to. Many more interesting destinations await you in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned and enjoy the content we have prepared for you in the News section.

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