Serbia off the beaten path – Perucac lake


If you are after an ideal destination for spending these hot summer days, you should consider Perucac lake. Tucked away between the eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina and western Serbia, it leaves no one indifferent. Just imagine spending a day swimming and sunbathing. Or exploring the lake by a boat as the sun sets between two of the biggest mountains. Ideal, right? This place is definitely for excitement seekers but also for those that value the most beautiful natural landscapes.

Perucac lake (in Serbian jezero Perućac, Perućačko jezero) is the heart of the Tara National Park. Lake is located in its namesake village, Perucac, and it is around 20 km away from the closest major town, Bajina Basta. This artificial lake was created in 1966 by damming the flow of the Drina river for the needs of the hydroelectric plant. It has a surface of 12,4 km², while its depth reaches 60 m. Since the lake is mostly canyon-shaped, extremely steep rock cliffs and rock blocks that dive vertically into the water surround it. This unique landscape is one of the reasons so many people visit it during the year.

Irresistible Perucac lake

In the summertime, Perucac lake becomes a real treat for all nature lovers, but also for those who want to have fun. This is one of those places where many of the residents of the surrounding area come to sunbathe, swim, and fish. Generally speaking, it serves as a substitute for the sea…if you do not mind cold water. The bathing season lasts for two months, July and August.


A pontoon beach in Perucac is adapted for all bathers who want to enjoy in the beautiful water.  Buoys border the swimming area and lifeguards are present all the time on the coast or on the lifeboat. There are also showers, sliders, diving boards, canoes, and paddle boats for renting. On the other hand, if you are not the adventurous type,  you can join a boat ride around the lake.

Besides this, the lake is the fishing paradise as the lake abounds in fish. It is rich mainly in the European chub, tench, catfish, and carp. There is no better place for organizing the annual huchen fishing competition than within these beautiful landscapes. This feat does not require experience. All you need is a fishing rod and fishing license that can be issued by any of the local Fishery Associations.

Are you up for sleeping on the lake?


Have you ever slept in a floating houseboat on the lake? You can really do that, believe it or not. There are many small, colorful, and nicely decorated houses on the lake itself. Waking up and hearing the sound of water, as the mountains rise in front of you, will be one of your fondest memories. Spending a night on the lake is completely weather dependent, of course. If you visit Perucac lake during the winter, it is not possible to rent it as there is no heating. However, during the summer there is no need for that. The nights are warm and magical, which means that a short stay as a weekend getaway is a great option. You can customize your trip so you can participate in two events of the season in this part of the country- Bridge Fest, a Serbian music festival, and the Drina Regatta.


Now that you are here…

…do not miss the opportunity to see some interesting nearby sights. Given its location, the lake is very close to a great number of both natural and manmade attractions, such as:

  • house in the middle of the Drina river, the tiny wood house which stands on an exposed rock, near the town of Bajina Basta;
  • Mokra Gora and Drvengrad, an ethno village of the famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. You can also take a ride on an old steam train on a narrow railroad known as the Shargan Eight;
  • the waterfall on the Vrelo river, probably the shortest river in the world, whose length is exactly 365 meters;
  • the archaeological site Mramorje, with the tombstones some of which are from the 14th and the 15th century;
  • the old bridge of the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic from the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric’s book The Bridge on the Drina. This famous bridge location is Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A visit to Perucac lake is part of our Tara Mountain and Perucac Lake offer, on which you can find more detailed information here. Until our next destination, stay safe!

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