Semetes Lake – A Lake of Floating Islands


The natural beauties that adorn the Kopaonik National Park range from endemic plants that are protected by law, to beautiful shrubs whose conifers are a trademark of this mountain beauty. One of such destinations that you must visit if you visit Kopaonik is Semetes Lake. Hidden from the eyes of those for whom skiing and other activities are the primary part of a vacation, we discover why visiting this gem of nature is the right decision for each of us. One of the main reasons is its natural phenomenon of “floating islands”.

Unexplored Depths of Semetes Lake

Semetes Lake is located on the west side of Kopaonik. It is in the vicinity of the village of Semetes, 200 meters from the Kopaonik National Park. The lake is about 80 meters wide and geologists claim that it was formed millions of years ago from glaciers. It is a 20-minute drive from the center of Kopaonik by macadam road. It can also be reached on foot, but it is one of the more difficult walking tours.

What we do know for sure is that this is a very rare occurrence. Lake in the middle has the shape of a funnel, and many divers came to explore the depth. However, they did not dare to dive deeper than ten meters. It was because of strong currents that would drag them into the depths. The average water temperature in the lake is around 10 degrees, and in the summer months, it climbs to over 20 degrees. The Semetes river flows out of the lake, which later flows into the Radosica river. Thanks to underground springs, the lake always has a constant water level, regardless of the outflow into the river or the weather conditions.


Magical Floating Islands

Semetes Lake is characterized by the fact that there are two floating islands on which trees grow. When the wind blows, the islands move along the lake. This phenomenon is very rare in the world. That is why this natural wealth has been used as a tourist attraction.

We know what you are asking and the answer is yes. A ride through the magical floating islands is possible! All you need are oars or something that will make it easier for you to start these unusual boats. Because that is what these floating islands are. Unusual natural boats that will provide you with an extremely unique and above all unforgettable experience!

In addition, Semetes Lake got its water from two springs located above the lake. The locals made sure that in addition to the flora, this lake flourishes and fauna, so they stocked it. The rich flora and fauna fit perfectly into the surrounding green landscape, making the lake even more beautiful and interesting.


Semetes Lake Mysteries

There are many stories and legends of people from this area. The popular belief that Semetes Lake is an abyss has been in force for years. One of the biggest mysteries related to the unusual lake is certainly the one about its origin. Scientists have their own assumptions about that, and the locals have their own assumptions. However, there are two interesting legends that explain this miracle of nature.

The first is about the priest who wanted to carry out the threshing on St. Cyril (an Orthodox feast day), although the locals warned him that not to do it. He started the job, the ground opened up, swallowed him and the horses. Then, the water boiled out, forming a lake whose surface is constantly trembling.

Another story is about fairies that used to gather here, but also the eerie voices of a mysterious water monster that scares passers-by at night. Therefore, as soon as it got dark, everyone would go to their houses and lock the doors and windows well, fearing monsters. However, the locals claim that they have got rid of the fear and that they are no longer afraid of strange sounds. We believe that there is really no reason for fear. In the village of Semetes friendly hosts, beautiful nature, and a lake that will surely not leave you indifferent will greet you.


Once you are here, do not miss…

The visit to the protected Kopaonik National Park and the most famous ski resort, and the “Sunny Mountain” is the right destination for an active vacation. In winter, in addition to skiing on trails for beginners and experienced skiers, try a combination of parachuting and skiing, or wine in a mountain log cabin on a winter night.

If you come to Kopaonik in the summer, do not miss walking tours, monastery tours, wine tours, rafting on the river Ibar, paragliding, hiking, and horseback riding. All the sights of Kopaonik and its surroundings are perfect for a family trip or a weekend with a loved one. An increasing number of tourists decide to replace the sea with mountains, so Kopaonik is a great destination for everyone who decides to spend their vacation that way.

And when you find yourself on a mountain beauty in southern Serbia, do not miss to visit Semetes Lake. A very unique combination of the mystical, natural and unusual. The wonder of nature, which is an ideal location for a trip, will fascinate you.

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