School year in Belgrade has started


This month, Serbia marked one important day. Traditionally, September 1st is the beginning of school year in Belgrade and Serbia for all elementary and high school students. For university students, the school year starts on October 1st. So, why are these days so special and how does the typical beginning of school year in Belgrade looks like?

September 1st – Beginning of school year in Belgrade

In the last few weeks, you probably had a chance to see the streets in Belgrade full of children and their parents,. Maybe you even felt the smell of new books and felt nostalgic. Indeed, September 1st is an emotional day, even for people who finished their education long time ago. Children are wearing their best clothes, and after long summer break, they are sitting with the excitement on their school desks. For some of them, this is the first time they are entering the school, meeting their teachers and friends who will share the next 8 (or 4) years together in classrooms.

So, why is the September 1st the “back to school” day in Serbia? Historically, the schools, especially in Europe (including Serbia) were founded by churches. The school curriculum and calendar were inseparable from the church and under its direct influence.  The first ecumenical council of the Christian church – First Council of Nicaea, took place in year 325. On the Council, the emperor Constantine I proclaimed the September 1st as the first day of school calendar. Hence, this date was quickly adopted as such in Christian world. Beginning of school year in Belgrade and Serbia is also aligned with the end of the summer agricultural works and preparation for winter. Symbolically, September 1st is the day of new beginnings – and new knowledge.


Academic year in Serbia

The academic year consists of two semesters – winter and summer. Final exams take place at the end of each semester; however they are more serious at the university level. In just few days, the university students will celebrate their back-to-school day! At the moment, they are busy with their September term exams, or moving from their cities into dorms and flats of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and other university centers


Study in Serbia

If the atmosphere in Belgrade makes you want to experience student life in our city, we can help you with that! In fact, studying as a foreigner is quite affordable in Serbia. Also, some faculties offer English-speaking programs, so you do not even have to learn Serbian in order to study here. The tuition fees depend on faculty, program, and language. For Serbian-speaking programs, the tuition is between 2,000 and 4,000 euros. For English-speaking programs, the amount ranges from 2,500 euros (for nursing degree) to 7,000 euros (for medical degree). You can also enroll into Master or Doctoral degree programs. In that case, tuition is a bit higher – in average, between 3,000 and 4,000 euros.

If you want to start the next school year in Belgrade – now is the best time to start preparing the needed documentation. However, if you are still not ready to commit to moving to Serbia – you can always attend one of the numerous summer schools or go to an Erasmus exchange for a semester or two.

School year in Belgrade 2022 – other costs

As a foreigner, you also have the right to live in student dorm. The price (including costs) is around 100 euros – quite a bargain, isn’t it? Of course, if you prefer living on your own, renting the small flat, with utilities, will be around 400 euros. Further costs of living will depend on your lifestyle and preferences. For 300 euros (or even less), you can live quite comfortably in Serbian cities and truly immerse into the student life.

Another reason students are rushing to renew their student ID’s at the beginning of school year in Belgrade is the number of amazing discounts for students in Serbia. As a student, you can get a delicious meal in student canteen for a very low price. Breakfast costs less than 1 euro, while lunch and dinner are less then 2 euros each. In total, all 3 meals cost 475 RSD (4 euros/dollars). Serbian full-time students have right to use the subsidy, so they would pay slightly cheaper. Also, students have the right to discounted public transport ticket, intercity buses or trains, gyms and sports club memberships, and many more.

So, if the idea of spending a semester or an entire school year in Belgrade sounds good to you – we are here to help you out! And of course, to take you to the best nightlife in Europe!


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