Renting a Business Space in Belgrade


Finding the proper commercial space is critical to your company’s success. However, there are numerous aspects to consider before signing a lease to guarantee you’ve made the correct decision. While you’ve probably heard that the essential factor in renting a business space in Belgrade is location, there are a few more things to consider if you want to find the best place. So here is what you have to know.


Belgrade is a huge city with 17 municipalities. Do you want to be in the very center? Is renting a business space in Belgrade suburbs an acceptable or even preferred option for you? Look for a location with nearby companies in a similar niche to your own. Do you need amenities such as storage space, a parking lot with enough space for customers and staff, or the vicinity of the public transport stop will suffice?

Belgrade is a safe city, and we are lucky not to have any “rough zones.” Still, you might want to invest in a place where the building and parking lot include safety elements such as exterior lighting, commercial locks, and maybe an alarm system. All those add-ons are adding up to the price.


Which part of the city is the best for renting a business space in Belgrade?

The answer to that question depends on your business needs and your target group.

If you want to be in the vibrant center, the municipalities of Stari Grad, Savski Venac, and Vračar are your places to go. Here, you can have your office in one of the older buildings, which are definitely very charming and perfectly positioned. The frequency of people and passers-by is considerable, and those locations are great for a place such as a cafe, small office, or any customer-facing job requiring you to meet clients. From trendy students to hurrying businessmen, from curious tourists to sweet neighborhood grandmas, those locations attract various segments of your potential customers.

Are you ready to pay a bit more for an exclusive and trending zone? Then think about Belgrade Waterfront, which has brand-new modern buildings and expands every day. Do you want clients who are posh, ambitious, want to be seen, and are ready to pay more for a high-quality product and service? You will find them here!

Is your company IT-oriented? Do you need big spaces with possibilities of extensions? Then, New Belgrade is the perfect location. What used to be a “dormitory of Belgrade” is now an emerging business hub. Different business centers can be found here, such as Sirius, Belgrade Office Park, Airport City, Blue Center, and West End. The offices are new, they usually offer parking space, and you can choose from different sizes of business space. Depending on your needs, it is easier to downsize or expand your space within the same business center. You will share buildings with successful companies, from IT startups to large corporations, and you will have a chance to interact with their employees and managers and possibly expand your customer base.



One of the first things you should consider when evaluating a place is the rent. Decide on your budget amount before you start looking, so you aren’t tempted to stretch it to meet the space. The prices of renting business space in Belgrade are very dynamic and depend on many factors. Because no two spaces are the same, making a list of the essential features for your company can help you evaluate various sites on a more level playing field. Make a list of critical and appealing non-essential attributes to evaluate each place. 

Customers and staff want a pleasant working environment, and you must concentrate on operating a business rather than worrying about maintenance issues. Belgrade can be pretty hot in summer and quite cold in winter, so factor the heating and air-conditioning costs in your budget. The most common is central heating; however, make sure to ask first, so you do not get surprised by the additional charges later. Many offices or business spaces need some upgrading to fit the needs of your business. Some spaces are furnished and some are not, so think about the necessary equipment as well. Before signing the lease, make sure you factor in the construction quotes as well. 

Think about your long-term plans as well. The contract for many business spaces will include the minimum length of lease, which can be in the range of 3-5 years. Of course, it will have an impact on price as well. Last but not least, usually you will have to pay the deposit (defined by lease as well, but usually it is 3 rents) and agent’s fees and commissions.


Prices of renting a business space in Belgrade

As we already mentioned, prices are very different and it is hard to give an estimate. You can check the local ads, and select the desired location and types of space. You can rent a business space in Belgrade; however, we always recommend hiring a reputable local agent. He will not just find the good space for you, but also help you navigate through the red tape.

Let’s illustrate the prices. In the center of Belgrade, you should expect to pay from 150 euros for a tiny 15 m2 space, to up 14,000 euros a month for a magnificent 1,000 m2 space, with 5 rooms on 2 floors. So, the standard price is from 10 euros/m2 and upwards. Amenities cost extra. In New Belgrade business centers, you should expect to pay from 15 euros/m2 and up. However, this price will include a number of parking spots. Remember, those buildings are built for the purpose. They are smart, green, and offer possibilities for refrofitting.

Belgrade Waterfront is extremely popular at the moment. With prices starting from 20 euros/m2, you can rent a business space in Belgrade’s most perspective neighborhood. The experts predict the prices there will grow, so now is the best time to rent your space there. The buildings are new, and you will likely be the first renter there!

Now when you have more information regarding renting, think about your next steps and registration of your business. Stay tuned, and we will give you some practical tips and tricks regarding that too. We hope this article has helped give you some ideas about what to look for when renting a business space in Belgrade. Are there any questions we didn’t answer that you have? Let us know and we will be happy to get back to you!

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