Night clubs started to work as daytime chill-out bars


As a result of the most recent COVID-19 measures, famous clubs in Belgrade started working as chill-out bars. According to the new regulations, the indoor venues can work until 21:00. The clubs and cafes with outdoor gardens can stay open until 23:00. Hence, the clubs quickly adjusted to the new rules. Most of them converted to lounges. Also, they are doing their best to promote healthy fun, with regards to all the measures of prevention. Of course, use your discretion when deciding where to spend the day.

Popular clubs reopened as chill-out bars

The most popular Belgrade clubs, such as Tag and Freestyler, decided to open as daytime chill-out bars. They even changed their interior to reflect the new style! Guests can enjoy cocktails, coffee, and shisha in a relaxed atmosphere, with a view of rivers and Kalemegdan Fortress. In addition, they prepared promotional prices of cocktails and shisha. As always, you can expect high-quality music. Day or night, these clubs guarantee a good time and plenty of fun. Tag will be working from 17:00 until 23:00, and Freestyler will be open from 10:00 until 23:00.

Of course, all places took steps to ensure proper social distancing. There is enough space between the tables and maximum capacity limits are enforced. Staff is wearing masks. Hand sanitizers are available.


If you plan to go, we definitely advise you to reserve a table, due to limited capacity, and we can help you with that.

Besides Tag and Freestyler, Hot Mess is one of the best places for daytime entertainment. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, it has always been one of the most popular chill-out bars. On its two levels, it has enough space that allows the reasonable social distancing. The club gained popularity due to its swimming pool in the middle of the venue, surrounded by tropical plants. You will feel like you are enjoying at some seaside bar at the exotic destination, and in fact, you will be in the very center of Belgrade. So, if you are coming to the pool party, don’t forget your swimwear!

Night Club Hot Mess Belgrade


Let’s prevent the spread of COVID-19!

We are looking forward to seeing how successful these clubs will be in their new roles.  After all, they have a great reputation and world-class customer services, and they are the true symbols of Belgrade nightlife. We are sure that they will maintain the top-quality service as always. Riverbank, cocktail in hand, great music and cheerful people…We can’t think of a better place to enjoy the sunset! We know that you will simply decide to spend an afternoon or evening at one of them.

In that case, we want to highlight the basic prevention measures:

  • wear the face masks where required
  • keep the appropriate physical distance
  • wash your hands often, and use the hand sanitizer

If you feel any symptoms of the coronavirus, isolate yourself and contact the doctor!

The staff at all venues is working really hard to protect everyone’s safety. So please be mindful and follow their directions at all times. Together, we can slow down the spread of coronavirus and protect the public health.

Stay healthy, stay safe!


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