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Exotic ambient overlooking the Kalemegdan’s fortress is probably the most unique club in Belgrade

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About the Club

Are you ready to dive into Belgrade’s answer to Ibiza?

Welcome to Hot Mess, the riverfront club that promises to meet your hedonistic desires. Nestled with a stunning view of Kalemegdan Fortress, this unique venue offers an exotic ambiance unlike any other in the city. Spread across two floors, Hot Mess is the only club in Belgrade that boasts an open pool, available for guests to use at any time. Operating seven days a week, it transitions from a serene lounge bar by day to a vibrant nightclub by night.

During the daytime, visitors can relax with delicious food, refreshing cocktails, and the warmth of the sun. As night falls, the lounge transforms into a dynamic club with DJs spinning house, RnB, and electro music. Beyond the music, people, and pool, Hot Mess serves an array of prestigious drinks, including their standout champagne, Moet Ice Imperial. This peach-flavored champagne is served in special glasses with ice, mint, and lemon, adding a touch of luxury to your night.

For those looking to explore Belgrade’s nightlife, Hot Mess is a must-visit, often featured in VIP nightlife tours. It serves as a pre-night warm-up spot and sometimes even the main event, especially on Mondays when DJ Mokka from Novi Sad electrifies the crowd with his sets. While club expenses at Hot Mess are slightly higher, the exceptional experience it offers justifies the cost. Even if you’re not part of a VIP tour, you can still enjoy this hotspot with a free reservation service and 24-hour support from an MTB agent.

Hot Mess is a place which is ensuring an unforgettable night out in Belgrade.

Club Details

Capacity: Approximately 400

Dress Code: No restriction

Age Control: 21

Reservation: Must have

Music: R’n’B, House

Prices: Average with nightly promotions

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One Tip!

There is a pool in the middle of this club, and if you jump in it club staff will not make any problems as long as you don't get your money wet so you can keep buying drinks 😊 .
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