New Gondola opened on Kopaonik


Two days ago, on February 12, our most popular mountain and ski resort – Kopaonik – got a new gondola! The construction started in the summer of 2020 and now it is finally opened, ready to welcome the visitors. Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, opened the new gondola, which is now part of the Kopaonik ski-resort.

Kopaonik mountain and ski resort

We recently wrote about Kopaonik, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Serbia. It is a national park, with ski-resort and very well developed tourist infrastructure. With 62 km of trails for alpine and nordic skiing and popular night skiing option, it is no surprise that the demand for accommodation here is very high. Of course, the nightlife is amazing as well. You will never be bored here, even if you come in summer. There are many cafes and restaurants as well, and you can enjoy the traditional Serbian food.

Options for sport and entertainment are numerous. Besides skiing, you can try tubing, zip-lining, bobsledding. Or you can just rent a bike, e-bike, or a cart and have fun at this family-friendly resort. There are many hiking trails and options for tours, so you will definitely have a good time here. If you do not have the equipment or don’t even know how to ski – we have a solution for you as well! You can rent the equipment and hire an instructor who will teach you how to ski easily and safely. Kopaonik has everything you need!


The new gondola

The new gondola is a part of the ski resort, and the ski pass includes the usage of the gondola as well. If you do not have a ski pass and do not plan to obtain one – do not worry. You can buy a single ticket for the new gondola. The price for adults is 1,000 dinars (8,5 €/ $10). The working hours are the same as for the rest of the facilities, and currently, it is from 08:30 until 16:30 (can change without notice).

Officially, the name is Brzeće – Mali Karaman gondola. So, do not be surprised if you see that name. Brzeće is the village that is the starting point, and Mali Karaman is the name of the peak (1927 m). This new gondola is almost 4 km long and it can transport 1,600 skiers in one hour. The rides will last between 12 and 15 minutes. The capacity is 10 skiers in a gondola, but right now that number is restricted to 5. There are 2 stops, the first one being Struga and the second one is Fis. Hence, we advise you to use the advantage of a ski-pass and hop on any time and any place you want.

You can buy the ski-pass online as well. Just chose the date and resort, and you will see dozens of options to chose from. The prices depend on the number of days and services you want to use. If you are concerned about your tickets amid the epidemiological situation, in case of resort closure, your ticket will be refunded.

Getting there

Kopaonik is very easy to reach by car or even bus, as there are regular lines from major Serbian cities. As we already mentioned, the accommodation capacities are always full, so make sure to reserve on time. Just bring a good mood and have fun! We are looking forward to seeing you at our “Sunny Mountain.”



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