Neum seaside: Summer sensation for Serbian travelers


Did you know that Bosnia has a coast on the Adriatic Sea? For every fan of geography, this is a real curiosity! Keep reading to find out why! And this summer, the Neum seaside is a real sensation for Serbian tourists, who want to spend their vacation at the seaside.

The city of Neum, together with the 20 km of coastline, belongs to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The coastal strip of Neum cuts off the southern part of the Croatian coast from the rest of Croatia, creating a unique exclave. Due to coronavirus epidemics and restricted, unpredictable requirements for entry to other countries, Serbian beachgoers are increasingly coming to Neum. For arrivals from Serbia and Serbian citizens, the entry to Bosnia is free and unrestricted. Thus, Neum is the most convenient choice this summer.

We advise our guests to monitor the most recent travel advice. Check under which conditions you can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina before departing to your trip.


What to see and do at the Neum seaside?

The Bosnian coast might be small, but there are plenty of interesting sights in Neum and the area. Accommodation, food, services, and souvenirs are cheaper at Neum seaside than in neighboring Croatia. Hence, having fun is more affordable here! Visiting the coast is incomplete without tasting the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants. We suggest Laguna, Škoj, or Bonaca. By all means, try fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea. The choice is plentiful – tuna, monkfish, whitefish, and many others. Further, seafood such as shells, crabs, lobsters, and even octopi, is on the menu! Bars and cafes are plentiful, and almost every hotel has a bar as well.

Nightlife in Neum is, of course, very much alive. City Bar & Caffe and Caffe bar “Copacabana” are hosting parties almost every night. Only the best DJ’s and promotional prices of drinks are waiting for you there!

The vicinity of Neum

Do not skip a day trip to Mostar. Its landmark is the beautiful historic Ottoman-style bridge, spanning over the river Neretva. The bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On hot summer days, you can watch young men “diving” – jumping from the bridge into the cold river. It is located only 80 km away from the Neum seaside. Mostar is known as one of the hottest cities in Europe. So, prepare yourself for the hot weather.

The famous city of Dubrovnik is only 60 km away. Fans of “Game of Thrones” will be delighted here – Dubrovnik was the filming location for the King’s Landing. Sooner or later, you will find yourself at the site of the most famous scenes. As this trip involves a border crossing, make sure you are eligible to enter Croatia.

Wherever you go this summer, we advise you to follow the precautions and all local measures against the coronavirus. Be responsible and aware of the current epidemiological situation and travel requirements. They can change without notice. So, be flexible. As always, we are here to help you have an unforgettable vacation in Serbia.



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