Mitrovac – Tara’s peace and harmony


Mitrovac is one of the largest plateaus of Tara. It is located at about 1080 m above sea level and is characterized by cold winters and autumns that are warmer than spring. Here you will be greeted by an abundance of nature and clean air. In Mitrovac itself, there is a grocery store, two restaurants, and a cafe. What else do you need if your primary reason for traveling is relaxation?

There is no much to tell about Mitrovac, but there is definitely much to see. This place has favorable climatic conditions with a large number of sunny days. The average thickness of the snow cover is about 1 m and there are 100 days a year. In summer, the average temperature is 16.6 degrees. That is what makes this exquisite mountain resort an ideal place to enjoy nature all year round.

Children’s favorite place

Mitrovac is most famous for its Children’s resort, pavilions of mountain architecture, the capacity of 600 beds. This resort operates as part of the Center for Children’s Resorts in Belgrade and was built in 1979. The complex is in a typical mountain style with a central building and 6 pavilions with high roofs. Each pavilion has 98 beds in multi-bed rooms (6-10) and on each floor, there is room to accommodate companions.


The resort also has an ethno restaurant Kacara. In the central pavilion, there is an indoor pool, canteen, restaurant, and TV room, and the complex has an infirmary.

Visitors, guests, and lovers of preserved nature have at their disposal the rental of cottages and accommodation. There is also weekend village Krnja jela for this purpose, which is 3 kilometers away from Mitrovac. There is also a large grass football field. In winter, you can use Mitrovac’s ski slopes for children and beginners in skiing. On the other hand, in the summer months, you should definitely visit Perucac lake that has a lot to offer. Above all, it is an extremely suitable terrain for mountain biking.

Excursions near Mitrovac

You can make interesting trips to all parts of the Tara from Mitrovac.  The biggest attractions are certainly Banjska Stena and the meadow that looks like carpet. A few kilometers from Mitrovac is an artificial lake in Zaovine suitable for fishing and swimming.


Banjska Stena is about 10 km from Mitrovac. It is the lookout point that got its name from Banjsko Vrelo which erupted at the foot of the lookout point. The spring was of karst origin with a water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. The lookout offers a beautiful view of the artificial lake Perucac and the canyon of the river Drina. The road to that point is adequately marked and there are benches and a security fence on the lookout.

Tepih livada ( in English Carpet meadow), a part of the natural reserve Crveni potok (in English Red creek), is a particular attraction on Tara. It s located a kilometer from Mitrovac. It got its name because the ground bends under the feet of the visitor like a soft carpet.

Zaovine Lake is famous because, on the dam itself, there is a nice place where Pancic saw spruce for the first time. This lake, surrounded by forests and glades, is a true oasis of peace and quiet. The crystal clear lake water is rich in various types of fish, so fishing enthusiasts on the lake will find their place to enjoy. The lake offers plenty of opportunities for water sports as well as swimming.


The untouched nature, the hundred-year-old pine forest whose slopes touch the Drina canyon with its wild natural beauty, is an exceptional experience for every visitor. That is why western Serbia should be on your must-see list.

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