Is Belgrade Pet Friendly?


Pet friendly tourism is a growing trend across our planet. The differences are noticeable in certain destinations and in different cultures, but the time has come for every country to see this demand and try to respond to it in the most adequate way. Entering Serbia with your pet is not as difficult as getting into certain other countries. However, there are certain rules you need to follow in order to have a pleasant stay. In this article, you will find every important information you need to know.

Pet friendly- ground rules

Available data show that there are almost a million dogs and cats with a microchip implant in Serbia. It is estimated that there are many more without it. According to the legal act that regulates the issue of keeping pets in Belgrade, only cats and dogs are considered pets. That is right. Your parrot, fish, iguana, and other exotic and wild animals are not.

Although it is allowed to keep dogs and cats in an apartment, residential building or family house, it is explicitly forbidden to leave these pets unattended on the terrace, balcony or loggia. If the building has an elevator, pets can be brought into it only if the elevator is empty and they are on a leash.


Dogs and cats are not allowed in:

  • facilities used by state and local government bodies;
  • public transport;
  • facilities and premises used for health protection of citizens;
  • places where educational activities provide accommodation and food for children, pupils, and students;
  • facilities of  medicine production, control, and trade;
  • facilities for the production, storage, and trade of foodstuffs;
  • religious buildings.

Everything your pet needs

You can walk your pets in the park, on the street, and other green and public areas, but under certain conditions. It is necessary for the pet to be on a leash and, in the case of a dangerous dog, to carry a protective basket. However, there are many so-called dog parks in Belgrade where you can take your pet for a walk without strict adherence to the rules. The best are: Tasmajdan Park, Karadjordje’s Park, Cuburski Park, Milutin Milankovic Park, Pancic Park, Kopitareva Gradina, park in Block 22 and 30, the park near the Mostar loop, and Bele Vode Park.

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Vets and pet stores can be found in all parts of the city and they are equipped and affordable. Some of the most famous pet stores are Pet Shop, Pet Center, Urban pets, Dr Doggy, Happy Dog, and Golden Pet.

One of the innovations in Belgrade is a dog bakery. Vittorio’s Bakery takes care of all dogs, their health, and pleasure. It offers you a large selection of fresh, healthy, and delicious treats for dogs at affordable prices. For birthdays, special occasions, or enjoyment for no particular reason, this bakery also prepares cakes to your order. All products are handmade from the highest quality natural ingredients safe for dogs, without the use of preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, and flavor enhancers.

Pet friendly cafes and bars

Owners of private and public facilities and areas can decide whether pets are allowed in their facilities. Lately, there are more and more cafes and restaurants in Belgrade on whose doors can be seen pet friendly signs. Some of the finest are:

  • Savamala’s KC Grad is a place where you can come for afternoon coffee, evening drinks, or attend some of the most visited events in Belgrade. It captures the soul of everyone and you will have no bother bringing your dog down here during the day. The outdoor area is perfect for your pet and it will find no shortage of water and attention here.
  • Savana, one of the cutest rafts in Zemun, is one of the favorite places of many. The fact that they are pet friendly is just one of the reasons why is it so.
  • It is more likely that you will see a dog at Blaznavac than not. This home of Belgrade’s most unique aesthetic will provide everything your dog needs to have a good time.
  • The Black Turtle is a pub where you can try out some of the finest fruit-flavored beers. While you enjoy chatting with friends and drinking, your pet will be able to keep you company because the bar is completely pet friendly
  • There is a difference between taking a dog to the pub and bringing one to a restaurant, where the food is served. Toro Latin Gastrobar managed to create a pet-friendly environment despite this. Since this restaurant is very popular, you need to make a reservation in advance. Make sure to check this place out!

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Useful tips

At the present time, to enter Serbia your pet will need a current Certificate of Health issued from your veterinarian, a microchip, and proof of valid rabies vaccination. Note that Serbian authorities require a certificate less than a month old. On the other hand, your airline may require an even more recent one. Double-check it, just in case.

Before each trip, be sure to search for the accommodation that suits you best. Then it is best to immediately check with the accommodation facility whether the animals are welcome. Sometimes guests think that it goes without saying, but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

If you decide to travel to Serbia with a pet here you can find all the information you need. If your chosen airline company is Air Serbia check Traveling with your pets section on the company’s website.

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