Humanitarian action – Lemonade for Shelter


Humanitarian action “Lemonade for Shelter” is taking place today at various cafes and restaurants. If you want to drink something refreshing on this hot summer day and, at the same time contribute to the humanitarian cause, we will tell you where can you go!

Humanitarian action – Lemonade for Shelter

Svratište (in English: Shelter) is a place for homeless or poor children of Belgrade. They focus their activities on improving the lives of those children. It is a unique concept that does not provide accommodation for children, as they remain with their families. However, here, they can come by and have a healthy meal, take a bath, receive clean clothes or hygienic supplies, or participate in various activities. They can also speak with qualified staff, do their homework, or simply socialize.

Since 2007, humanitarian actions like this have helped the shelter to maintain its work. Moreover, in those 14 years, Shelter supported over 1,400 children.  As they have many users, they are always in need of clothes, supplies, and food. Donations are always welcome, and of course, they don’t have to be in cash. If you are interested in donating to Shelter or any other charity in Serbia, then let us know so we can connect you with them!

Today’s humanitarian action allows you to order lemonade at over 40 places in Belgrade. In this case, all the money from the purchase of lemonades will be going to the Shelter.


Where can you order your lemonade today?

  • Restaurant Franš, an upscale restaurant with an exquisite menu and service.
  • Restaurant Madera, one of the symbols of Belgrade and a gathering place of artists, businessmen, and celebrities.
  • Dorćol Platz, hipster heaven in heart of the city.
  • Blaznavac, cafe with awesome cocktails, a quirky interior, and a chilled atmosphere
  • Crna Ovca (“black sheep”), an ice cream shop, where each of the dozens of flavors is made with emotion
  • Pivodrom, the beer bar with a selection of beers from all around the world
  • Bookastore, an interesting combination of a book store and a cafe

And many more! The participating venues will have the flyer on the door, clearly marking that they are part of the action.

“Lemonade for Shelter” is more than just a humanitarian action. Today, we are all joining to make the lives of vulnerable children better. From upscale restaurants to small alternative cafes, we all have the same mission. With this in mind, we hope to see you at one of those places, sipping your lemonade!

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