Festivals in Serbia 2020: Measures of precaution


The biggest festivals in Serbia published the list of measures of precaution in order to reduce transmission of Covid-19. Exit, Belgrade Beer Fest, Nisville, and Music Week are just some of them.

The World Health Organization recently issued a new recommendation. Recallment of mass events. They emphasized their importance for mental health and well-being of society. At the moment, we expect the formation of a joint health body of the Government of Serbia and domestic manifestations. It has been postponed to August when the epidemiological situation is expected to calm down completely.

As you may already know, Serbia is the host of many festivals and events. Thousands of people visit festivals in Serbia annually.  In order for them to be as safe as they can, this year certain measures must be taken. We believe that this will not affect people’s love for music. And the atmosphere of the festivals itself.

Coronavirus tests will be mandatory for all

It is important to ensure that there are no people with the virus infection. Do not worry. Whether you are a visitor or a staff member, you will be tested for Covid-19. In case the virus is active in August, free tests will be provided. Only people with negative results will be able to enter the festival.  All staff members will be tested before their shift or entering the festival. The chances to catch a virus will be minimal with this measure.

Reduced capacity of the festivals in Serbia

The maximum number of visitors to all festivals will be significantly reduced. At least compared to previous years. The area of the event must be at least 3 m2 per visitor. There are certainly pros and cons to this decision. Pro is avoiding big crowds if you are not a fan. On the other hand, this may affect many aspects of the organization. Anyhow, it is better to be safe than sorry. The most important is that the energy of the people will be the same as before. You will enjoy every moment. Professionals will take care of that.


Masks and gloves are must-have

Everyone involved in festivals’ organizations must wear protective masks and gloves. It is the best way of protection. As for visitors, they will be provided with them at the very entrances. Disinfectants will be available at several points within the space where the festivals take place. They will include disinfectant sprays, wipes, and alcohol. We advise visitors to make the most of them. You can also bring your own. Just in case.

Increased number of medical teams on festivals in Serbia

The reinforcement of medical service will mark this season of festivals in Serbia. This should not worry you. The goal is that we all feel safe. The number of employees in the ambulance will enlarge. More of them will be at your disposal at any time. The visitors will be able to visit points for measuring the temperature. In case any of the visitors show symptoms, isolation facilities will be set up.


This is just a preliminary list of measures. The organizers of the festivals in Serbia pointed out that the majority of new patients in the previous period have no or very mild symptoms of the disease. Therefore, it is our duty to advise you to act responsibly. Be aware of the fact that the pandemic is still not over. We strongly recommend all people with high-risk conditions to avoid any mass gatherings.

If you are planning to visit Serbia, you can find additional security measures here. Be considerate of yourself and others.

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