Security measures: Plan your next trip safely


Coronavirus epidemic is still lasting worldwide. In some countries and regions, the number of infected people is not going down yet. Our thoughts are with the ones living in the countries which are still the focal points of the outbreak. We hope for the fast improvement of the situation, recovery of the affected people, and relaxation of lockdowns and other security measures.

Serbia opened its borders, giving us the opportunity to welcome you again on some of our tours. If you decide to visit us this summer, keep reading, because we have some tips for you.

Tourism and security measures

The companies are finally opening their doors to the customers. Their security measures depend on legal acts, health codes, and company policies. Subsequently, they apply to the tourism industry as well. In conclusion, travelers around the world can expect to see these changes:

  • Temperature control. For instance, it can be checked at the entrances of sites, airports, borders, and at the beginning of tourist tours.
  • Usage of face masks and gloves. Sites and companies have the right to require the use of masks and gloves at all times. Moreover, they can supply them to their guests.
  • Limited number of people in groups, on tours, and on sites. Venues can reduce capacities. So, expect groups to be smaller.
  • Enforcement of physical distancing. Public places can limit the number of free seats. They may manage the movements and restrict access to certain areas.
  • Increased disinfection of equipment and facilities.
  • Ban on printed materials and other “hand-out” items. For example, airlines will remove magazines. Similarly, companies will not be handing the brochures out.
  • Limitation on carry-on luggage inside the cabin. The aim of this measure is to speed up the boarding and deplaning.
  • Restriction of cash transactions. The cashless methods of payment are preferred and promoted.
  • Change in consumption of food and drinks. The crew may serve the meals in sealed, pre-packaged containers. On short-haul flights, the airlines can discourage or ban the consumption.
  • Restricted lavatory access. Cabin crew may manage the movements of people in the cabin and prevent the queues during the flight.
  • COVID testing. It is not compulsory in Serbia. On the other hand, some countries require passengers from certain places to have a negative test at the point of entry.


Stay safe! Get informed!

Do you want to know what can YOU do to be safe?  Do you want to learn how to stop the spread of coronavirus? Are you interested in facts and debunking the myths? The website of the World Health Organization (WHO) has plenty of useful resources. Take your time to learn more about the current situation and prevention measures.

There are countries that may impose quarantine on some incoming passengers, in order to protect public health. It can be done at home or at the designated facility, depending on the rules of a country. Furthermore, passengers may have to bear the costs of testing, quarantine, and healthcare. So, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, check the policy of your destination. It is your duty to know what do you need to have on entry. In the case of Serbia, right now, we can confirm that there are no additional entry requirements.

We appeal to all citizens (and travelers as well) to behave responsibly. Most importantly, follow the guidelines of the health institutions. Be aware that security measures differ from country to country, and that they change on a daily basis. If you feel any coronavirus symptoms, do not travel. Instead, contact your doctor without delay.

Our team is optimistic and believes that situation will keep improving in the following period. With that in mind, be responsible and stay safe!

Truly yours,

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