Dorćol Platz – Hipster Heaven in Belgrade


If you are in Belgrade and looking for an alternative hip place where you can attend interesting events and meet new and funny people – Dorćol Platz is the place to go!

Dorćol Platz – Hipster Heaven in Belgrade

Dorćol Platz is located in the heart of Belgrade, in the historical neighborhood of Dorćol. You will find it at the address Dobračina 59, which is only 1 km away from Republic Square. Found in 2014, this place occupies the space of a former factory. Today it serves as the unique cultural center. It is a place to create and enjoy arts, performances, lectures, or just socialize.  They are dedicated to the promotion of education, entertainment, sport, and technology. Of course, it has an on-site cafe, where you can just sit and enjoy the atmosphere or meet like-minded people. They have a big and lovely garden, which is the perfect place for chilling in the summer.


Events at Dorćol Platz

Dorćol Platz is organizing all kinds of events, such as exhibitions and concerts. There is something happening almost every day. To learn more, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. They are in the Serbian language, but you can always ask us what’s trending and we will let you know what can you do at Dorćol Platz or in Belgrade on a certain day.

Once a month, they hold a Handmade festival. You can even sign up to sell your own crafts if you want! Anyway, it is a perfect place to buy something authentic and hand-made as your souvenir from Serbia. Sometimes they organize humanitarian flea markets, so your purchase will contribute to the charity.

The favorite festival of Belgraders is certainly their annual Chocolate Festival. It is a perfect chance not just to taste different chocolate flavors from all over the world, but also to learn some interesting facts about the most popular sweet. The festival is usually held in the fall (October, November, or December). Dorćol Platz also organizes different unusual festivals, such as Urban Sport Fest, Toys Festival, or Bread Festival

If you like good music and dancing, this is the place to be! From time to time, they organize thematic evenings, such as Salsa evening, Rock marathon, or Jazz night. There is an event for everyone’s taste, so you really have to feel the atmosphere of this quirky place.

Breaking taboos

This place organizes different events and exhibitions that are challenging certain issues in society. For example, they talk openly about mental health, extremism, or gender roles. Sometimes, political discussions take place here. Also, on some days, you can talk with a psychologist, learn to balance your private and professional life, face the various challenges, or even analyze your dreams.


Featuring today

Right now, the exhibition “Najbolje od nas” (in English: Best of us) is taking place at Dorćol Platz from January 19th until 26th. You can see over 100 works of 54 renowned photographers. The events are generally free or have a symbolic cover charge. In any case, this is one of the most affordable places in the city. Their aim is to be as inclusive as possible. We appreciate the fact that they are fully compliant with all the preventive measures. The number of attendees is limited (so make sure to come early), social distance is mandatory and masks are definitely encouraged (or mandatory if the current measures require so).

We would like to remind you about on current entry requirements for Serbia. Overall, all the events in Belgrade are still taking place, with respect to all measures. We are looking forward to seeing you in Belgrade. Stay safe!



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