Coronavirus situation in Belgrade is getting better?


We are very happy to announce that the coronavirus situation in Belgrade is getting under control! Everyday life is slowly coming back to normal. Lockdown has been lifted and most of the measures are now relaxed. Belgraders are going back to their routines.

With the first days of June, we are enjoying the beautiful weather and numerous activities that our city has to offer. All venues such as bars, clubs, and restaurants are working. Shopping centers and stores are open and welcoming visitors with smiles. People are finally able to exercise alone or in groups, making our parks and sports centers busy again. There are no limitations on open-space gatherings, while for closed spaces the limit is 500 people with respect of social distance. City buses are running on a regular schedule, except for night lines which will be resumed soon.

Even though we are very enthusiastic about the return to our regular activities, we would kindly remind our guests to be responsible. Do not forget to closely monitor the current coronavirus situation in Belgrade and follow the guidelines implemented by the Government. It would be a good idea to have the face mask by hand, as they are recommended in public transport. Certain places such as pharmacies have the right to request the customers to use the masks while on site.


Borders and airports are open

The Government of the Republic of Serbia lifted the previous decision, which closed all border crossings for entry to the country. All travelers can now enter Serbia without any special approvals, via all land border checkpoints and airports. The transport companies halted all the bus and train lines to and from other countries. Therefore, you will have to arrive independently.

The improvement of the coronavirus situation in Belgrade allowed the airport to fully resume the operations. Most of the flights are back to the schedule. For any further information about the flights, consult your airline. We will be happy to organize the transfer from the airport to your place of accommodation.

The coronavirus situation in Belgrade and Serbia is dynamic and can change daily. We’d like to advise you to check the most relevant travel-related information on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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