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You can’t go wrong here, your good time is a must for these people

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It’s no secret that you are looking for a good nightlife when coming to Belgrade. There are a lot of clubs, but none is more specific about opening its soul to you than Baywatch Water Club. You can’t go wrong here, your good time is a must for these people.

Located on the river Sava in its recognizable form of a float, Blaywatch Night Club keeps its place at the top as one of the most visited clubs in the Belgrade Night Life scene since ‘97.

The glamour this club has made sure that Serbian celebrities are no strangers here. If you want to experience a piece of our show business, this is the place, famous and trendy people will make your night a very special in a breathtaking interior. White leather VIP sittings are just the thing if you and your friends are going to hit the Belgrade Night Life in a proper way

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Night Club Blaywatch

Club capacity: approx. 500 people.
Age limit: 21+.
Dress code: Elegant
Reservation: Must have
Music: House, Domestic ( Live Performance)
Prices: Average prices with lots of promotions every night

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Map #How to find Blaywatch Water Club

One Tip!

This place is classic Belgrade nightclub, where it is all about singers who are performing that evening. If you would like to try out something new and different - go for it.
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