Best Italian restaurants in Belgrade


Do you want to know which are the Best Italian restaurants in Belgrade? No problem. Finding a great, affordable, cozy Italian restaurant with delicious food is never a challenge. You can find them everywhere. However, we decided to introduce you to a few that could win you with the first bite. We hope you will enjoy it.

One note before we start- do not read this article if you are hungry!



Do you wonder why people love this place so much? That is because it is perfect for every occasion. Apart from the friendly and kind staff, Pomodoro offers the atmosphere of an Italian restaurant in the heart of Belgrade. Everyone can agree on that, that is for sure.

The menu is amazing! It is a real treat to see such an amazing variety of choices at such affordable prices. Needless to say that the food is very delicious and you will enjoy every bite. Pomodoro almost always has a lot of places where you can sit. However, it is different on Friday and the weekends. You might want to consider calling in advance and booking a table, especially if you are coming with a party bigger than two. All in all, this is an ideal place to take a short break or to have a relaxed lunch or dinner.

La Piazza


Restaurant La Piazza was founded in 2007. The main goal was to become a pizzeria with a large wood-fired oven and original recipes. It definitely succeeded in that. Modern ambiance with a menu of expected standards and unexpected novelties in flavors of Italian cuisine best describe this restaurant.

All types of pasta are prepared in the restaurant itself. It further provides an ideal base for vast combinations of spices. And pizzas…they are a perfection! Trust us! The dough is ideal and thin, with an effective combination of ingredients. They arrive directly from Italy, all of them. A similarly intriguing experience is brought by ravioli with an unusual filling such as chestnuts and potatoes. Or maybe you like ricotta and aromatic herbs topped with sage more?

In addition to fantastic pizzas and ravioli, you can also enjoy excellent meat and pasta specialties here. Check out this place and you will see why this is one of the best Italian restaurants in Belgrade.



The Amici menu provides gastronomic pleasure for everyone. The perfectly combined offer of food and drinks creates an impression that will be remembered for a long time. This restaurant is tucked away in the peace and quiet of Karadjordjev Park. It represents the Italian style with many details. Checkered tablecloths give a special touch.

Delicious and extraordinarily decorated food will perfectly complement Italian and local wines and Italian music. The ambiance is suitable for a business lunch, hanging out with friends, or an intimate dinner with a loved one. Amici may please you with mouthwatering pizzatagliatelle, and steaks. Desserts are very good and tempting, too. Many people come to enjoy good tiramisu. However, the main specialty is pizza, as it is exactly as it should be. Crispy and juicy. You can pour some delicious wine over it for a better experience.



Restaurant Rustique is located in the center of events on Senjak. It is a bit further from the center, but it is definitely worth visiting. Earthy colors dominate in the interior, which gives Rustique special charm. There is a large fireplace made of stone which gives this place a dose of cosiness. The nice ambiance is ideal for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

The paper mat, which is also a menu (typical for Italian restaurants), has a lot to offer. Firstly, there are appetizers, pasta, and pizzas. On the other hand, the offer includes meat, fish specialties, and deserts. We admit that you will have a dilemma. Still, have in mind that food is made according to original recipes and most of the ingredients come from Italy. Knowing that there is no bad choice. Guests have a chance to watch the preparation of pizza since next to the bar there is a wood-fired oven.



When you discover this place on the gastronomic map of Belgrade, you will become a regular guest. The interior itself is really nice. Bright colors lift the mood, and interesting details create a positive atmosphere. There is also a wonderful garden. This is a big plus, especially during the hot summer days. It is especially convenient that it is located near the Temple of Saint Sava, near the center.

In Botako you can try the most delicious specialties. The famous pizzas are what we recommend. They are for all lovers of good dough and interesting toppings. A large selection is suitable for vegetarians, children, and families. Attractively served, pizzas and pasta are delightful for everyone.

Pizza Bar


This lovely restaurant was created to give its guests a gentle touch of the American lifestyle and Italian cuisine. It gained its fame primarily because it is definitely a place where you can try real Italian pizza. The ambiance and atmosphere are comfortable and casual. You will feel like you are at home.

The house specialty is Chicago style dough. It is slightly thicker than the classic one, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It tastes perfect and is rich in quality ingredients. There is also Black Delight pizza made of black dough that will satisfy the senses of hedonists. Offer includes a variety of pasta. From Carbonara to pasta with turkey and smoked cheese. All are delicious! You can also try salads, soups, sandwiches, but also meat dishes in this restaurant.

Italy is a country rich in natural beauties. That is why it is not surprising that their home-made food never leaves anyone indifferent. Traditional Italian cuisine rightly bears the epithet of one of the best in the world. Because of that, it is almost impossible to give a final conclusion about which are the best Italian restaurants in Belgrade. Every one of them has something to offer. Be sure you will not regret trying food from any of them.

Last but not least, each of these restaurants respects precautionary measures for eating out during the pandemic. You do not have to worry about that.  Still, we advise you to stay safe and pay attention to your loved ones.

You can find the new measures against the coronavirus in Serbia here.



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