Belgrade is home to many electronic music night clubs


Fans of good electronic sound and more modern music adore Belgrade clubs that can match with their best ambience, service, and music to the best European clubs.


Forget everything you had know about Belgrade Nightlife…

Because it`s going on the next level! New river club, from same founders of The Bank club ( 2 times in a row awarded for best Eastern European club )!

New star in town , MONEY night club will be located on the river Bank behind the Belgrade Fair and on next door to famous Belgrade clubs : Lasta and Bridge. Urban trendsetters of Belgrade are expected to be seen in hot summer days in new club. Music style will be mostly R`n`B and House oriented. If you are a cocktail lover don’t miss to visit Money night club in Belgrade because some of the best bar tenders in city already sign contract. Hot dancers, most beautiful local girls , best sound and light system, friendly personal , dedicated management , amazing DJ sets , party till dawn , that’s what you can expect at Money this summer.


Brankow night club is very special by its location , club is actualy placed in the bridge – Branko’s Bridge (one of most important Belgrade bridges) and that makes it unique in the Europe. But still this is not the reason why Brankow club is so popular , it`s of course the best electronic music , mix of r`n`b , house and techno , which you can find in Brankow, very friendly personal and the fact that Brankow night club is a second home for many beautiful girls from Belgrade.

Hype club

New trendsetter arrives to the town. Yeah, finally Belgrade party district Savamala have one more of very hot spots – Hype night club. Hype night club open it`s door to the party crowd for the first time in autumn of 2017 and for the short period Belgrade clubbers recognized unique music style that certainly refresh the city clubbing scene.

Night Club – Tag

Unique, modern, urban design with the breath-taking view of the old city are probably the first impressions of all of those who visit Tag Night Club. And as the day passes by, Tag spontaneously transforms itself into a proper night club. Their music program varies, but what they are very known-for are the legendary Get Low R’n’B parties, enriched by beautiful girls and positive atmosphere.


Are you interested in visiting a place that people call Belgrade’s Ibiza? The one and only Hot Mess! Another club on the river that will fulfill your hedonistic needs – this exotic ambient overlooking the Kalemegdan’s fortress is probably the most unique club in Belgrade.  Their DJs hoop in to make your evening even better, playing mostly house, rnb and electro music. But the music, people and the swimming pool in hot summer nights are not the only thing that this club has to offer you. You may enjoy in some of the most prestigious brands of drinks, including their most popular champagne Moet Ice Imperial, which is peach flavored champagne purred into a special glasses and served with ice, mint and lemon.


After 17 years of keeping the night alive, settled on the Sava river in a form of a float, we can say that this club has became one of the most wanted brands the Belgrade has to offer.
Freestyler night club is that kind of a place where you will meet people from Istanbul or New York coming for a one night stand in Belgrade just to experience the atmosphere this club creates. Attractive bar dancers, big DJ names, artistic stunts that barmens perform or the white leather VIP sittings, this club has it all.

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