Belgrade for a solo female traveler


Belgrade for a solo female traveler? Let’s just say that there is no better destination than this. The Serbian capital is one of Europe’s true highlights. It has many sights and activities that are ideal for individual travels. Its churches are ideal for introspective reflection, while the bars and clubs are full of people with stories to tell. When you add a bevy of museums, parks, and galleries to the equation, you have a city waiting for you to fall in love with it. However, there are several things worth knowing.

Find a suitable accommodation

Is it your first time traveling solo? The most important thing to take with you is common sense. Always book your first night’s accommodation. You will rest easy knowing you will not have to deal with finding a hotel in the middle of a night. And always have a backup plan.

If you are traveling in Serbia on your own, hostels are undoubtedly the way to go in the bigger cities. Belgrade has very nice hostels, clean and well equipped. Hostels open and close all the time. Do not be afraid to send an email and book suitable accommodation. Hostels also come with the added bonus of potential travel partners for those getting tired of solo travel. Belgrade for a solo female traveler can really be a very nice experience.


We have another useful piece of advice for you. Research before you go – weather, local customs, food, public transport, etc. Make sure you know the basics of what to expect before you step off the plane. You will make better choices and get the most out of your trip.

Easy traveling around the city

There is a lot to see in Belgrade. You can walk around the city on your own, jump on and off the tram, bus, or trolley or take one of the many Belgrade tours on offer. Getting around Belgrade is not too difficult. Most must-see places are within walking distance. There is a perfectly acceptable public transit system.

Traveling to the rest of Serbia is easy in many cases. Getting to cities is simple because you can usually take a train. Towns of any size are served by bus. If you leave Belgrade by train, please be aware that Belgrade has two train stations. The first one is Belgrade, which is the old station downtown, and the other one is Belgrade Center, now the main station.

You can find more about city traffic in Belgrade HERE.

Download Google Translate to your phone

In popular destinations, you can easily find people speaking English. However, it is better to download Google Translate to your phone. If you are planning to travel to Serbia make sure to download the Cyrillic alphabet too so you can try to recognize what is written on street boards.


Also, try to get a local SIM card with internet data. Not only it will make your travel much more comfortable, but you will also be always connected to the network in case you need to do some local calls or ask for help. You can also download the app Car. Go, which lets you call taxis at any time of day or night and pay seamlessly by credit card, similar to how Uber works in other countries.

Belgrade for a solo female traveler – safe or not?

Belgrade for a solo female traveler is safe. There are not any special precautions to keep in mind, besides the usual ones: use your common sense and don’t do stupid things you would not do at home. But that applies to any place really.

A traveler to Serbia should just keep aware of pickpockets, especially at popular touristic streets such as Knez Mihailova or Skadarska. To be safe, it is best to ignore strangers approaching you on the street. They may be attempting to distract you while a companion works their magic on you.

What is important is to protect your documents, cards, and cash. Just in case. Keep your passport and other important documents secure. Have backup copies on you and at home with your trusted contact.


It was once said that to travel alone is truly travel, and we are inclined to agree. Zipping up the backpack and stepping out into the world, opening doors and experiences that may otherwise stay closed and providing an experience that is truly unique. Belgrade is the perfect city to visit alone. Although no one is ever truly alone in this most hospitable place.

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