Belgrade Festival of French movie


Movie fans, we have some great news for you! After the big success last year, the second Belgrade Festival of French movie will take place from 24th to 27th of June. And the location couldn’t be better – it is the new drive-in cinema at the famous Ada Ciganlija – Belgrade lake. You will be able to enjoy the newest French hits from the comfort of your car. Four movies will be shown on big screens, and another 8 on platform MOJ OFF. We are very happy to inform you that the entrance is completely free.

The program of the Belgrade Festival of French movie

The Belgrade Festival of French movie will start on Wednesday, 24th of June, at 21:00, with the projection of “Night Shift” (Police). This famous crime drama had its premiere this year at the Berlin International Film Festival. Directed by ambitious Anne Fontaine, the movie introduces us to the lives of three police officers, who are about to do a seemingly routine task. But as the story develops, the important question arises. Will their moral duty outweigh the professional duty? Come and see it yourself.

Or imagine having to work for a controversial writer? All that while confined in a luxurious, but high-security bunker, with 8 colleagues? Would you still believe that your dream job is really that ideal? And could you be sure that everyone is working towards the same goal? If these questions boggle your mind, come to see the thriller “The Translators” (Les Traducteurs). It will have the honor to close the festival, on the 27th of June at 21:00

We are still waiting for the announcement of 2 additional movies, but with any French movie, you can’t go wrong. So why don’t you just let yourself be surprised on arrival? We guarantee that you will enjoy it!


Ada Ciganlija drive-in cinema

This summer, Belgrade got another hot attraction. The parking lot at Ada Ciganlija became a drive-in cinema. From June 1st until July 1st, the entrance is free for all visitors. If you do not have your own car, do not worry. You can rent a car with or without a professional driver, who will make sure to bring you to the projection on time.

Besides the Belgrade Festival of French movies, you will be able to watch the latest blockbusters every evening (except  Mondays and Tuesdays). Ada Ciganlija has so many things to offer, especially in the summer. Have a morning run along the water, an active day on the beach or at the sports court, and dinner at one of its great restaurants. Then, the movie is going to be a great choice for the end of the evening at the lake. Disclaimer: in the case of bad or severe weather there will be no projections.

We are thankful to the French Institute (Institut français), Kombank Hall, and MCF Megakom film for making this possible.

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