Belgrade Beer Garden 2020


UPDATE: Belgrade Beer Garden 2020 is delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Serbia.


For all of you who enjoy drinking beer, we have some exciting news! Belgrade Beer Garden 2020 is officially open! The location is Ada Ciganlija (Belgrade lake) on the Makiš side (also known as the “forest side”). It is very close to the open-air cinema and parking lot, almost at the beginning of the lake.

Belgrade Beer Garden 2020 is the favorite place for locals and tourists alike. If you enjoy not just the good beer, but the good music as well, this is the place to be. The selection of beers is impressive, with many local and foreign beers being served. You can even taste the exclusive brands from world-class breweries. From Irish to American, from Belgian to Serbian, we guarantee that you will find the beer that is really “the one” for you!

Entrance is generally free of charge, but for certain events and concerts, there can be an admission fee. The Belgrade Beer Garden 2020 is usually open from 16:00 to midnight on the workdays, while on the weekends they work from 12:00 to midnight.  For more information about the program, check out their Facebook page!

The Government is currently imposing a limitation on the number of people on events. At the moment, outdoor events can host a maximum of 500 people. If you feel any symptoms of COVID-19, please refrain from attending the gatherings and contact your doctor immediately.  Every business has its policy regarding prevention measures, so please be respectful. They intend to protect you and everyone else. Exercise normal precautions and wear face mask wherever needed and possible.


Music program of Belgrade Beer Garden 2020

The famous Serbian bands will be performing every Friday and Saturday night at the Belgrade Beer Garden 2020. In the first half of July, four concerts will take place. Keep reading, as we will give you the schedule for that time period, and introduce you to these awesome bands. So come and see how good they are in hyping up the crowd!

  • Friday, July 3rd, at 21:00 – Orthodox Celts. Feel the rhythm of Ireland and the Celtic spirit in Belgrade! Serbian Irish folk-rock band? It sounds impossible, right? Well, they prove that nothing is impossible when it comes to music. We simply love their unconventional style and Orthodox Celts are really rocking the scene since 1992!
  • Saturday, July 4th, at 21:00 – Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša. This alternative rock band greatly impacted the Serbian rock scene, especially during the turbulent 1990s. They just celebrated their 30-year jubilee, and with every new single, they are topping the charts.
  • Friday, July 10th, at 21:00 – Bad Copy. This trio is the most popular hip-hop & comedy rap group in Serbia. Because of their recognizable style, slang, and funny performances, the audience simply loves them. Three “guys from the neighborhood” are accomplished as the individual singers as well, and certainly know how to entertain the crowd.
  • Saturday, July 11th, at 21:00 – Repetitor. The bend is a real representative of the so-called New Serbian Scene. A relatively young band, described as the “garage-postpunk-noise-rock trio“, is slowly but surely shaping the modern rock scene of Serbia and Europe.

Drink responsibly!

Above all, your safety is our ultimate priority! We wish you to have a good time and take pleasure in excellent beers at Belgrade Beer Garden 2020. However, do not forget that driving under the influence is both dangerous and illegal. We encourage responsible consumption of alcohol. Therefore, we have our drivers at your service. Contact us, and we will provide you with transportation to and from the Beer Garden.

Have fun!


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