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Marko Milosavljevic, the favorite of the local audience and one of the DJs with the highest number of gigs per year, will perform on Friday, April 19, at the club Dot, with a resident Beat organization, M.U.T.O.R-a, and MIJU.

Marko Milosavljević is known as a passionate record collector, who has a huge collection of vinyl – both electronic music and other genres, such as jazz, soul, fan, disc and bug. As a great tribute to synthesizers, pianos and rhythm machines, he constantly experiments and explores new forms of alternative music. In his career for over 15 years, Marko has performed at the biggest festivals and clubs throughout Serbia and the region, as well as in Europe and Canada. He was the manager of the first domestic techno label “Recon Warriors”, as well as the sub-label “Recon Light” and “Traffica”, which has more than 50 editions. The production debut was on the compilation of B92 Belgrade Coffee Shop in 2006, and later on the Dutch publishing houses Luxaflex and Shadowfax as well as on the label “Jesus Loved You”.

M.U.T.O.R has been present on the domestic scene for more than 18 years, under various pseudonyms. His sets are mostly based on a house and a fan. He performed in almost all Belgrade clubs, as well as at the biggest domestic festivals, and shared the stage with foreign performers such as Sebastian Leger, Alton Miller, Brigade Crew, Darren Emerson, Kydus, Blacksoul, Thyladomid, Undercatt.

MIJU is a girl with a current residence in Lithuania. The passion is to combine interesting bits and melodies of eletronic music, from the breakbeat, minimal and esid, over the house and haus. He likes to combine new and old tape and in this way gives his music a new and somewhat unexpected tone. In the head of the city of Lithuania, Vilnius, he resides in the clubs Pavillion, Ninth and Drops.

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