20th Biennial of Ceramics in Belgrade


At the moment, almost all cultural institutions and events are fighting for the survival of their programs on the art scene. Luckily, thanks to the good organization, the Biennial of Ceramics in Belgrade is being successfully held. Do not worry, though. The event is being held according to the current regulations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Despite everything, it seems that artists who wanted to present their latest work in this field of art gladly responded.

The Biennial of Ceramics in Belgrade is one of the rare exhibitions organized by the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia. That is a real shame. It should be more of them. It exists over four decades and combines and promotes both traditional and modern artistic ceramics. That includes their approaches, techniques, materials, and forms. In other words, everything that is a part of them.

Since its inception, this unique event has focused on presenting the latest achievements of domestic authors. The event survives from year to year. It is all because of the inventiveness and enthusiasm of wonderful creators. And not only because of that. People just love ceramics.


20th Biennial of Ceramics

This year’s edition of the Biennial of Ceramics started on 3 November 2020 in the Residence of Princess Ljubica. The space in which it is held? Let’s just say that it fits perfectly with the art.

We can all agree that this year was difficult for all of us. Imagine how it was for the artists. They could not present their works to the public for several months. That is why this event resulted in a large number of registered artists for the exhibition. The main goal was to prove that people still respect this branch of applied art. Despite the digital era in which we live. In our opinion, the goal is reached.

Biennial is hosting many Serbian artists. And not only them. In addition, artists from the region and abroad are also presenting their work. There are various things worth seeing. A wide range of themes served as inspiration. The result is the richness of forms and colors, interesting techniques, and combinations of ceramics with other materials. All this is a real treat for everyone who is familiar with this type of art. There is much to see. Trust us.


On the other hand, they also have reinforcements. What kind, you may ask. Students of the final year from the Department of Ceramics at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade have a special segment at the exhibition. They have a chance to present the pieces they were working on.

The Council of the 20th Biennial of Ceramics is very proud again. They succeeded in their plan. The exhibition represents a set of different creative ideas and solutions this year. We recommend that you visit it if you can. You will definitely enjoy it. The ceramics lovers will have a chance to enjoy it until 15 November 2020.

An ideal venue

The Residence of Princess Ljubica is located in the heart of Belgrade. Even if you have never heard of it, it should be on your list of places to visit. This beauty exists for almost 2 centuries and it would probably attract your attention. It is really noticeable. Because of its cultural and architectural value, the residence has been designated a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance.

The residence dates from 1830. It was for the wife of Prince Milos Obrenovic- Ljubica. By the architectural composition and arrangement of rooms, it belongs to the Serbian-Balkan style. It also has some western Baroque elements. Its creator was a pioneer of contemporary Serbian architecture Hadzi Nikola Zivkovic. He did a magnificent job, didn’t he?


Princess Ljubica moved to this residence the same year. Her sons, future rulers, Milan and Mihailo accompanied her. As legend has it, she was very appreciated. People valued her very much because she was reasonable and clear-minded. She was certainly the most popular and best-known figure in the Serbian nation at the time.

Today the residence represents the part of the Museum of Belgrade as an exhibition space. It is also a house of a permanent collection of 19th-century Belgrade interiors. It introduces its visitors to the life of Belgrade’s citizens in the past. So if your trip takes you to the Kosancicev venac, do not miss to visit it. We hope you will enjoy. Above all, stay safe.


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