Zornica kuca – Ideal place for a team building


If you need to recharge your batteries and even if you are looking for a place for a team building, do not think twice. Zornica kuca is ideal for every occasion. A combination of old, original furniture and architecture, some new art objects, a lot of interesting murals… Everything has merged into a beautiful whole that you will enjoy. In addition to domestic, it is widely popular with tourists from Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Macedonia, Montenegro… That is not strange, since this complex has its own offer, restaurant, and camp. This place is really unique and here is why.

Air spa Zornica kuca


Zornica kuca is located near Belgrade, in the settlement of Bacevac. From this spot, you can enjoy the unusual view of Kosmaj mountain on one side and Lipovac forest on the other. It belongs to the municipality of Barajevo. It represents a village in which it is worth to escape from the noise of the city and everyday stress. Since it has rich vegetation, it also represents the type of air spa.

However, we should warn you first. The inhabitants of Bacevac have always been known as hospitable and kind hosts. Nothing is different here either. You will feel like you are at home. Without exaggeration. Also, here you can see traditional Serbian houses, surrounded by large plots and gardens.

If you need help, you can check how to get here from Belgrade on this link.

Zornica Konaci

If you want to have a more comfortable stay, hostel Zornica Konaci is the best choice. It is decorated in a modern way but also is reminiscent of times gone by. Do not worry though. The functionality and comfort are at the highest level. Each room has a modern and nicely decorated bathroom with a shower and all necessary cosmetics, cable, and free wireless internet.


All furniture is of natural materials: wood, stone, brick. The colors are natural and the furniture is made of solid wood. This kind of decoration will give you a feeling of warmth.

The wish of the hosts is to bring the way of life in the old Serbian household closer to their visitors. That is why the specialties offered in the restaurant are national and traditional dishes. You can try a large selection of cheeses, hand-mixed pies, and homemade ajvar. An excellent barbecue with kebabs is what they are especially proud of.

Team building at Zornica kuca?

Why not. The Zornica Konaci hostel also has a reception-cafe, garden, and modern conference room for 25 people. Companies can organize team building and other types of socializing. Business obligations, too.

What can you do while staying at Zornica kuca? Well, you can try yourself in archery, which was trained by medieval knights. No announcement is required for this activity.

zornica-kuca-1On the other hand, if you want to attend a riding school, it is necessary to announce the class in advance. Within the household, there is a riding club and several horses available.

Also, visitors who have an adventurous spirit are provided with space for caravans and tents.

Camp included

A special charm of this complex is the camp. Zornica kuca has a capacity for 20 tents or camping vehicles. Showers, electricity and water, toilets, fire, laundry- you will have it all. It is located in the central part and intended for socializing around the crackling fire.

Fans of active holidays have the opportunity to enjoy sports activities. There is a field for beach volleyball, the possibility of a football field, bicycle rental, and a ride or walk on one of the three health trails. Within the household, there is a souvenir shop with fresh coffee and home-made products.

campDue to the various regular activities, but also to the pleasant ambiance in the beautiful nature, it can be very crowded. For that reason, it is necessary to plan your arrival at this destination in advance. Book a place in time. The kindness of the hosts and staff as well as the overall experience will make your stay unusual. Peace and quiet, the atmosphere of the village and beauty will make you return again with pleasure. Zornica kuca is more than home. It is a garden, restaurant, picnic area, camp, art colony. Everything you need.

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