Zen oasis is the new thing in Ada mall!



This weekend, all visitors to the new shopping center Ada Mall are waiting for the Zen oasis, which will be divided into three zones – Relax, Handmade and Active.

Zen oasis is realized in cooperation with Maya Holistic Academy and brings together experts from massage, acupuncture, ayurveda, excellent knowledge of techniques for relaxation and relief of stress, natural cosmetics and holistic care.

The Relax Zone is located right next to the shopping center and you can try massages, check your health and stress level.

The handmade zone is located on the second floor and there will be drawing mandala, fractals, you can find out how your crystals can help you feel better and which crystal jewelry just fits you.

There will be surprises for children, games and opportunity to express creativity.

Active zone awaits you on the terrace, where outdoor hours of yoga, tai chi, breathing and souvenirs will be held before the sunset.

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