You do not miss partying in .. Belgrade! U know why?



The extremely rich night life of Belgrade, for which the Serbian metropolis got even the nickname “City of Sin”, is widely known. Nightlife in this city definitely does not lag behind much more popular world metropolises ..

Belgrade has been a city that is never sleeping for decades. Nightlife in Belgrade is seven days a week and any evening is a night out, which makes the city ideal for many tourists looking for relaxation and fun. Tourists with their charm are also attracted by the citizens of Belgrade, who are social, open, relaxed, always ready for a good time …

One of the things that Belgrade definitely does not lack are places to go out. The choice of taverns and clubs is too big to name them all here, so we will provide you with general guidelines where to go and what you should not miss if you want to experience all the magic of Belgrade’s nightlife!

Belgrade’s taverns are a great place for “warming up” before going out.. with a beer or a round of “something tougher”, enjoying a dinner with trumpeters who are one of the trademarks of Belgrade’s nightlife and an integral part of the tradition or a morning recovery from going out with a cup of strong coffee – because in Belgrade it is not rare to move straight to the job or to home from a whole day and night of partying.

Clubs usually open their doors only after 23 hours. After you have warmed up in taverns, it is up to you to choose whether to continue your night life on land or on the water. Although Belgrade and “on solid ground” have several extremely popular clubs, they are on rafts, often exotic names, somehow giving a special charm to Belgrade’s nightlife. Not only are rafts one of the trademarks of Belgrade, but also one of the main reasons why Belgrade has become a center of entertainment in the Balkans.

Why would it last only at night?

Driving by the Sava and Danube rivers is a great opportunity for a panoramic view of the city and the continuation (or beginning) of a good time in the capital of the fun. For those who party hardest, it is recommended that a party march begin with the afternoon Boat Party, continue it in Belgrade taverns and wait till next morning on one of the legendary rafts.

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