Why foreign tourists visit Belgrade?



Why foreign tourists visit Belgrade?

The figures say that from year to year Belgrade has more and more visitors from foreign countries. This information should not surprise us because the capital of Serbia is widely known as a city of good conduct, wide-ranging smile and rich cultural and historical heritage.

Also, tourists simply adore a relaxed atmosphere that is related to night life, so Belgrade’s bars have made it a very desirable destination for a trip. During their stay visitors point out that Belgrade is a city of hospitable and beautiful people, and that it will surely visit again.

Belgrade is a city of rich history through which is painted its unique story that separates it from other places. Without a doubt, every tourist will at least visit the Kalemegdan Fortress and the most important sights in that location: the Clock Gate and the Clock Tower, the Planetarium, the Rose Church and the Holy Petnel Chapel, the Natural History Museum, the Military Museum and the Nebojsa Tower.

The Belgrade Fortress itself is the core of the old town and is surely the starting point for every tourist. After that, there is also a walk through the famous Knez Mihailova Street, which is an important shopping center, but also one of the oldest and most important streets in the center of Belgrade. Other attractions, such as the Terazije Fountain, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, as well as numerous churches and monuments, are followed by it.

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