Which parts of the city are best for tourists to go party in Belgrade?



Good night’s entertainment is what tourists are thrilled after visiting Belgrade. Is it because of many places, many good places to go out, is it because generally.. for foreign tourists are not expensive nightlife in Belgrade.

Opinions are divided, but it is important that they are in one accord, and that is to definitely return to Belgrade only because of such a good time. Still, not all places would be suitable for tourists. Namely, they are looking for an unusual pursuit, something they have not seen or felt so far, so they should go to the next places…

Definitely, all tourists should visit the sites, or clubs in Savamala. It’s a place they definitely can not miss.
There are many clubs in this place and it is good that they are relatively close, so that if the tourists do not like in one place, they can without any maltreatment go to another..

These clubs in this part of the city are most reminiscent of world clubs, but of course with the Belgrade admissions, and therefore it is very interesting for everyone. First of all, tourists know what they are experiencing, but on the other hand they never know what they can expect.

During the summer, what is most characteristic of Belgrade’s nightlife are nightclubs on the river. There are different types of rafts, that is, with different music, so depending on the mood you can choose where to go. And the rafts are generally close, so you can visit them for a night.

The next evening you can choose the one that most liked you and spend your whole evening here.

And of course, all tourists should visit Skadarlija, which is what makes Belgrade specific. Skadarlija represents everything that Belgrade once was, but also everything that the Serbs most like most.

By this means… good food and it sparkles delicious and spicy strong foods, good homemade drinks, among them Serbian brandy, but also good music, mostly tamburitza. With one name – joy for soul and body.

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