Where to run in Belgrade?


If you are wondering where to run in Belgrade, the simple answer would be – in places that are pleasing to all the senses. These places can also be urbanized, but it is best to choose a path for training that is away from sources of noise and pollution. There are many running tracks in Belgrade. Choosing the right track can be very important for good preparation for the race because there are many surfaces.

In the warmer part of the year, though, we all look for shade. Some places such as larger parks, woods, and forests can be just as convenient places for recreation. Also, it is good to be surrounded by nature for quite some time.

Ada Ciganlija

One of the favorite places to run in Belgrade is Ada Ciganlija. This popular picnic spot for all Belgraders offers opportunities for various sports. There are many roads and trails for cyclists, pedestrians, and rollerbladers on Ada. The trails are located in the shade of trees that provide protection from the sun in summer. In order not to stay thirsty while running, there are numerous fountains near the trail. If you want, you can take a break, refresh yourself and rest after running, because there are also a lot of cafes there.

The most popular trail on Ada Ciganlija is about 1 km long. It is at the beginning of the island and for the most part, passes through the forest. The longer trail is located in the central part of the island. This dirt track is 1,600 m long and every 100 meters, an exercise station is set up. The whole trail is in the woods.


Banjica forest

Where to run in Belgrade? Another beautiful place is the Banjica forest, a protected area and a reserve of various birds in the middle of the Vozdovac municipality. There is now a surface that is closest to a mixture of sand and earth. In the upper part, the dirt path is sprinkled with sawdust (soft path).

Since you run along the path through the forest, there are green branches all around you. Just right next to the handrail, which neutralizes noise and pollution with their leaves and gives deep shade. A large number of wooden benches and tables with a canopy along the entire length of the trail (about 2150 m) allows you to take a break and do stretching and other exercises. The path through the forest has a slight ascent.

While you are here, you should visit Byfort’s forest. This is a small, tucked path 2 km long. The trail is in the shade and very pleasant. There is lighting on the track if you are a fan of the evening run.


Zemunski kej

Recreationalists from New Belgrade and Zemun will always recommend running along the Danube. For all those who like running by the river, this is really the best possible choice. All runners will find this place especially interesting. There are enough benches, so if you get tired you have somewhere to rest. In the summer months, you can refresh yourself with ice cream. There are freezers where you can buy them everywhere.

On the other hand, public fountains are available in several places, as well as gyms for stretching training after running. There is a light in the evening. You can mostly see racing groups on this track, during the working week.



Kosutnjak is a hilly and wooded resort of Belgraders with a lot of places for running, recreation, and rest. We recommend a trim trail, as well as open fields and forest paths for mountain running. The air here is cleaner than in other parts of the city and in summer it is a few degrees colder than in the center, so it is a kind of island of refreshment in the hot city.

There are also untidy forest paths on Kosutnjak where you can walk and run, so you have the impression that you are somewhere far from the city. For beginners, however, we recommend groomed trails, next to which you also have water, benches, and exercise equipment that may be of interest to you.

Every 100 meters, there is exercise equipment, and approximately every 800 meters, there is an outdoor gym.


Hyde Park

You still have not found where to run in Belgrade? Hyde Park is a great place for recreation where you can run, jog, perform various exercises and escape from the gray gym indoors. Nothing brings you back a smile as easily as nature, and here you will be in just such an ambiance. You can find fitness equipment next to the track, so you can combine strength exercises after running training.

The central path that leads through Hyde Park is about 1400 m long. The surface is earthen, and in some places, it is filled with sawdust, for amortization when running. Apart from this, there is a whole network of shorter and narrower tracks, so you can run wherever you can think of.


That’s not all…

Sports center 11 April is perhaps the favorite place for students to run in Belgrade because it is located near the Student City. Runners and recreational runners can choose between three tracks. The shortest path is of slag. It goes around a large football field and is 400 m long. The second trail is 200 meters longer than the previous one and is made of white gravel. The longest track stretches along the edge of the sports center and is almost 1,000 meters long.

Zvezdara Forest is also a kind of oasis of health in the crowded metropolis. Within the sports center Olimp there is an athletic tartan track where up to a hundred runners gather at one time in the summer. Belgrade has many more beautiful places that deserve attention when we talk about where to run in Belgrade. Some of them are Topcider park, Kalemegdan, Vidikovac, Miljakovac forest, Tasmajdan park and many others.

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