Where to cool down in Belgrade in July?


The swimming season is already on the doorstep, and the upcoming hot days will surely make you look for refreshment by a pool, aqua park, or lake. High temperatures have been announced for this summer, which will exceed the figure of 40 degrees. These warm days are just a preparation for those tropical heats that are coming. The main question is where to cool down in Belgrade in July.

Belgrade has several great pools on its offer. If you can’t choose the best one yourself, we are here to recommend them to you. Some of the pools are part of beautiful hotels or restaurants, but their use is certainly available for those who are not guests of the same. Many pools also offer night swimming services, when hot summer nights occur.

25 May

We will start the list of the most visited pools in Belgrade with one of perhaps the most modern pools, and it is May 25.  This pool is located next to the river Danube in the very center of Belgrade. It has everything you need for true enjoyment and relaxation. The sports and recreation center has a very diverse offer for its users. It offers three outdoor pools: a large pool for international competitions, a swimming pool for recreational swimming with elements of a water park, and a children’s pool.

Besides these, there is an indoor Olympic pool and a small pool with a wellness complex.

There is also a coffee bar by the pools, and around the pool, there is a garden of the coffee bar provided with umbrellas and deck chairs. Water quality is monitored on a daily basis. The price of a daily ticket for adults is 200 dinars. For children from seven to ten years, the ticket price is 100 dinars, while for pensioners it is 200. The price of night swimming in this pool is 350 dinars. Admission is free for children up to the age of seven.

Working hours:

Workdays            10:00 – 19:00

On weekends      09:00 – 19:00


Swimming pool Olympus

Where to cool down in Belgrade in July? Well, one of the options is the swimming pool Olympus, located in Zvezdara. A good time is guaranteed throughout the day here. The pool complex consists of swimming, non-swimming, recreational, as well as a children’s pool. Admission is free for children up to the age of seven. Admission for elementary and high school students is also free on Wednesdays. Within this pool, there is also an outdoor gym, as well as courts for small sports, an athletics field, and tennis courts. Schools of various sports for children are organized throughout the year, and parents can use massage for adults.

Working hours

Morning bath      06:00 – 09:30      400 dinars (free deck chair and coffee)

Daily ticket           10:00 – 19:00      300 dinars

Night bath            21:00 – 00:00      400 dinars

All-day ticket       06:00 – 19:00      500 dinars

Afternoon swimming (weekdays)     17:00 – 19:00     200 dinars



The Tashmajdan swimming pool is located in Tashmajdan Park, as its name suggests. It has a large Olympic pool, as well as a children’s pool, where water polo and swimming schools are organized for the youngest swimmers. The school of sport swimming and water polo is held in the indoor pool on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the evening, as well as on weekends. A single ticket for the indoor pool is 360 dinars.

Sun loungers and a water playroom for children are available in the outdoor pool. At this pool, the price of daily tickets is 300 dinars, while after 4 pm the price is 200 dinars. For children up to seven years, the ticket price is 100 dinars. Night swimming costs 300 dinars. On Wednesdays, the entrance is completely free for students, and for the indoor pool, it is possible to get a monthly and family pass.

Outdoor pool working hours

Every day             10:00 – 19:00

Night bath           20:00 – 23:00

Indoor swimming pool working hours

Monday-Friday      06:00 – 09:00

Every day            12:00 – 18:00


Waterpark Hollywoodland

If you are looking for a place here to cool down in Belgrade, consider this waterpark. One of the best of its kind – Hollywoodland – was opened in the settlement of Ledine in the municipalities of New Belgrade and Surcin. In the indoor part of the aquapark, there is a large pool, hydro-massage pool, children’s pool, and wellness center. During the summer days, visitors are especially interested in the outdoor content – a large pool with slides, a pool for children, and numerous entertainment facilities for the youngest swimmers.

Hollywoodland Aqua Park is visited throughout the year precisely because of its unusual content. Most visitors use the opportunity to visit night swimming during the winter and working week. Tickets for adults at any time are 800 dinars, while for children under 12 the ticket price is 600 dinars.

Working hours

Workdays           09:30 – 03:00

On weekends    09:30 – 03:00


Sports center Banjica

In the municipality of Voždovac, there are some other popular swimming pools in Belgrade within the sports center “Banjica”. Visitors have at their disposal two indoor and two outdoor pools. Indoor pools consist of a large Olympic pool and a smaller one, designed for non-swimmers. The open-air swimming pool is open from June to September. On Thursdays, admission is free for students with a student card.

Tickets for the outdoor pool are 400 dinars, and for children under 7 200 dinars. The price of a daily ticket in the afternoon is 200 dinars. On weekends, the price list remains the same, but there are no half-day tickets on sale. When it comes to tickets for indoor pools, the price is 300 dinars, except in the evening when it is 350 dinars for adults. Children’s ticket for children up to 7 years is 150 dinars. On weekends, the entrance to the indoor pools is 350 dinars.

Outdoor pools working hours

Every day of the week    10:00 -1 9:00

Indoor pools working hours


07:00 – 09:00

13:30 – 15:30

17:00 – 19:00

On weekends     11:00 – 17:00


T6 Limited

Where to cool down in Belgrade this season? T6 Limited swimming pool is a sports and recreational center in Ovca, built according to FIFA standards. Whether you like traditional pools within sports centers or prefer new locations, the T6 Limited pool is one of the options we offer as a novelty in Belgrade. It is not far from the city center at all, and the rich content is exactly what attracts many guests. This place is ideal for larger groups and teams who want to relax, and the pool is open all week.

It represents an escape from the city, and yet with the ever-improving offer of food, spending time at the pools has long been intended not only for children but also for the elderly and groups. The price of the ticket includes a deck chair and parasol.

Pool price T6 Limited:

Monday to Thursday   600 dinars

For children 8-12 years  300 dinars (every day)

For children up to 8 years  free (every day) t6-limited

Hot Mess

Raft Hot Mess is a unique bar in Belgrade, which is located on the river, and within its ambiance has a swimming pool. With its interior, it gives you an incredible feeling as if you are in one of the most famous fashionable places.

In a very short time, the Hot Mess bar managed to attract a large number of guests, both from the country and abroad and became one of the synonyms for good fun and relaxation. With extremely pleasant staff and a modern interior, the Hot Mess raft is definitely a place to visit. You can take a dip in the pool, sunbathe and refresh yourself with your favorite cocktail flavors. And you can lie down on the huge and spacious mattresses-deck chairs and indulge in stunning daydreams and a beautiful view.


If you still do not know where to cool down in Belgrade this season, do not worry. You can visit the pools in Belgrade at any time of the year because both indoor and outdoor pools are at your disposal. During the hot summer temperatures, the pools will be places where to cool down in Belgrade, and during the winter they will come in handy as healthy recreation. We wish you lots of swimming and sunny days. It is also much easier to withstand high temperatures next to the pool, so the choice is up to you which of these pools will be your destination.

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