Where is the heart of Belgrade?

Where is the heart of Belgrade?
Everywhere and nowhere.

It is hiding in the abomination of the shoe cleaner that will say, “Give what you give!”, In the philosophically harmonious relaxation of his old men who have overwhelmed so many wars over the head, in a morning wisp, which will transform their naturally wrought morning morning into a trolleybus, in friendship a cheerleader who does not consent to sit down with a guest under the tre and drink a beer, in a street crowd where you will rarely feel when you are a stranger, from where they came from, in the beauty of the scorched walls that nobody does, and on which a moving fresco is painted street fate, love, cursing, insults, football results, names.. Life is giving, we do not give Trst! – and above all the tablets of the long-lost insurance company “Sava”, which failed to secure anything but the smallest ones, and the pale marks of the changed street signs with street names pale.

The spirit of Belgrade is hiding in the unique chaos of its green market, and above all in the Belgrade-based walk. Belgrade girls on the street – this is a fantastic modern ballet for me, without a second sound to whipping the heels on their shoes! Faint, suddenly grown urban girls, adults on asphalt, raised by the passers-by viewers with full desires, independent, daring and attentive at the same time, with the innate elegance of ingenious modest and cunningly hidden poverty – they are the most beautiful and most beautiful show that Belgrade offers to the visitor, somewhere they did not disappear, as if by someone’s secret migration, and the streets remain miserably empty and naked.

The spirit of Belgrade is, finally, in the feeling that you are at home, that you can not fail because you are among yourselves, that you can always borrow some tiny, loving, roofed overhead and a bit of necessary complacency before the dawn …

Photographed from the air, this city will never attract a curious beauty collector, no matter how skillfully painted.

Simply, it’s not photogenic! But it will do something completely different: it will almost certainly cause physical pain from the yearning…

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