WHAT DOES THE LEGEND SAYS: Why is the Sparrow a symbol of Belgrade?


WHAT DOES THE LEGEND SAYS: Why is the Sparrow a symbol of Belgrade?
One of the most widespread birds in the world – sparrow, is an unofficial symbol of Belgrade. Why is this bird here and also have special place among the citizens of Belgrade thanks to its kindness or number, we asked experts.
According to Dr. Sasa Marinkovic from the Institute for Biological Research “Sinisa Stankovic”, the sparrow owes this symbol of Belgrade title to the poems of many.. many poets.

The sparrow is very present in the literature, a frequent motive in the paintings of famous authors, and these small birds are often attributed to some human qualities such as diligence, vigor and cheerfulness.

The second version of the story that the Sparrow became the symbol of Belgrade has a historical character.

– The story of a sparrow is an old legend, which is related to one very important event. Namely, in 1456, Turks with a huge army attacked Belgrade, at that time the Hungarian city. Belgrade was defended, and among the large number of the victims, according to the legend, a sparrow was found with three arrows – says archaeologist Relja Seratlic from “Belgrade Fortress”.

The sparrow lived with a man since the Stone Age. Although inhabited beyond human settlements, sparrows from cities and villages are often dependent on humans. They nest in house roofs and cavities houses, as well as in shrubs and trees. They feed on seeds, butterflies, spiders and other small insects, flower nectars, fruits, human foods. They are very useful in the fight with caterpillars and other insects that are harmful to agriculture, so the neighbors are happy to see them in the village.

Lengths up to 15 centimeters and weighing about 30 grams, these birds live on average only 1.5 to 2 years, although they can survive for over a decade sometimes.

Attention to this small bird was also shown in 2009, when the sparrow of the Serbs was a mascot of the Universiade held in Belgrade, and a sparrow with dumbbells and a hamster on the head is a symbol of Vrnjacka Spa.

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