What can you do at Ada: Ada Ciganlija – for all generations


When the sun and asphalt become hot, Ada Ciganlija is the most diverse Belgrade destination.

There are also those who like to visit this Belgrade excursion to come in winter, but Ada Ciganlija still enjoys a real pleasure during the summer, because then (almost) everything is possible.

The circle circling around Ada is one of the most interesting occupations for the darkest, while those elderly who are in the capacity of escorting younger ones, returns to childhood. Because riding the car around Ada, as if she “falls off” from a fairy tale that children read for a carefree dream.

Parks on Ada are getting better.
A small zoo is located on the Ada Safari.

Parents and their children visit Ada mostly during weekends, or non-working days.
Swimming is what makes most people come to Ada.
It’s blooming in cafes during both day and night.

For those who are more focused on sports, there are a number of sports content.
Ada also has a paintball paintball, artificial rock, ski and snowboard center, water sports center, rugby and hockey grounds on the grass, path, trim trail, ski lifts, bangles for those bravest and eager adrenaline.

A few years ago on Ada the you can find “Adventure Park”, which primarily provides – a unique summer gathering, is very popular.
You can also visit Science Park.

Those to whom love “struck into head” fateful “yes” can pronounce, right here, at the Wedding Park.

The older inhabitants of Ada are usually used for relaxing walks, but there are also those who choose to swim while they are still not big crowds.

Various competitions, sports and cultural events, festivals, humanitarian actions, programs for children and adults are various summer offers on Ada Ciganlija.

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