Weekend in Belgrade: How to Visit it with a Small Budget?


As we travel and visit places, we are often unaware of all incidental expenses that occur beside the planned accommodation, transportation or tickets for the various attractions, museums and sights that we want to visit. In all-day sightseeing we have expenses for food, pizza, souvenirs or unplanned transportation and shopping. However, tours and parties do not always have to be costly expensive.

The advantage of large cities is the diversity of content that is being offered, and therefore the ability to find alternative ways of visiting the city or interesting social events for which you pay very little.. Often these are various cultural and social events that do not belong to the main tourist attractions, but they can make u feel for the moment as local residents of that place. This particularly applies to urban parts of the city that have not been functional before and where young artists and creative people organize a handful of interesting events.

What can you see in Belgrade if you have a limited budget?
Tour the city by tram

The nearest city center of Belgrade is known to the people as a “circle of two” because of the route through which the tram line No. 2 runs. It extends from the Zoo Garden, next to Kalemegdan, the port, the Railway Station and the Slavija Square, from where Belgrade Street continues to the Boulevard of King Alexander then through Vuk’s monument goes towards Cara Dušana Street from where again he returns to the beginning at the Zoo Garden.

The Belgrade Tourist Organization has come to use this route and offer an interesting tour of the city and it is completely FREE. As the route passes through the narrowest center you will be able to see some of the most important facilities.

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