We wish you all happy New Year!


We are at the end of another year. However, this was no ordinary year, was it? When we sum it all up there were both ups and downs. The whole world found itself in a very unfavorable situation, which led to big changes. At the time, the most important is to hope that we will all have a happy new year with a better start than the previous one.

This year was very turbulent, we can agree on that. Many things happened that showed us a new way of living. The biggest impact on that had a pandemic, that hit all of us. It showed us that we are just human beings and that everything can change over the night. However, it is important to stay positive and hope that the next year would be much different.

More Than Belgrade team

Firstly, we want to greet all our associates, users of our services, and all who follow us. A difficult year is behind us, but we believe that 2021 will be better in all aspects.

The crisis is taking its toll on local workers and businesses, and we are not immune. However, More Than Belgrade managed to hold on as a team. We did not give up during this difficult period. We did our best to introduce you to Serbia. Virtually, at least, since there is so much power in this digital age. It gave us the ability to connect and share our love for travel and culture.

Regardless of the crisis that hit us, we continued to keep you informed about everything not only in our News section but also on our Instagram page. About new events, ideas of what to do in Belgrade, interesting things happening in Serbia. About our country, and the hidden gems of Serbia that you should definitely visit.

We have been working on improving and reorganizing the site so we are sure that we can provide you with even better service. More importantly, we will continue to improve our services in the future. It is our intent to keep you informed and arm you with facts and knowledge.


Happy New Year

As far as you are concerned, dear followers, we wish you, first of all, a nice New Year Eve. Since our possibilities are limited, we will not be able to go to clubs, restaurants, concerts, and parties. Still, let’s use this night in the best possible way. Let’s have a pleasant night with our families and remember all the success and beautiful moments in the year we are saying goodbye to. Our team is more than glad to have you as dear friends and we hope that soon you will join us on our tour through Serbia.

We wish you all a year full of blessings and new adventures. Hopefully, this new year will turn out to be a blast. We wish everyone a happy and successful New Year 2021!

Truly yours,

More Than Belgrade team

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