Veliko Gradiste Guitar Fest – 03. & 04. August 2018.


Veliko Gradiste Guitar Fest – 03. & 04. August 2018.
The guitar that we are talking about and which we are looking forward to with heart and eagerness has a golden history and increased visitor and media pomp, as among those who come to ex-Yugoslav Internet, TV & Radio media about it, and those who regularly, here we see now the demand and interest of lovers of good rock sound, visit and come to the only place where is held – the city of Veliko Gradište.

Beginning in 2016, when a burst rock and roll guitar riff and a notary fire broke out in the revival section of Belgrade’s hard metal music composition STEEL, Guitarijada opened the band REVOLTNI PERON, on the other also the successful Guitar Festival in 2017, Novi Sad veterans always performed in the magazine interesting and lucidly witty – Atheist Rep, FINAL, IN THE FORM, is now established, established and professionally organized and entrenched THIRD GREAT GREEK BUILDING GUITARIUM, which takes place on August 3 & 4, 2018, on the very bank of the Danube in the city park. In the revue of this year’s third in a row in the series of previous, all the more successful and quality Gitarijada, the musical compositions will be in live performance: PERO DEFFORMERO, SAMOSTALNI REFERENTI, DIVERT, TEXAS FLOOD, REVOLTNI PERON, PLANET KARAVAN and last year’s winners – TRNJE.

The Association VELIKOGRADIŠTANSKA GITARIJADA has the goal in its statute to support music (rock and its related music genres), as well as the mentioned ecological moment and the awareness of all citizens not only of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, but of the human population on a planetary level, which is for all praise! Also, help young people to become more and more aware of, muscle, and to rely on their own correct attitudes towards themselves, family, friends and life in general!

This year’s Gitarijada will open the music school Stevan Mokranjac from Veliki Gradište. Camp and entrance are free, and for all campers there is free lunch!

Veliko Gradište is located 120 kilometers from Belgrade, and can be reached by bus or by car.

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