Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Belgrade


Welcome to Serbia, the country of delicious traditional cuisine! From appetizers to desserts, our dishes are finger-licking good. In other words, it is simply impossible to stay hungry here. However, our cuisine is famous for being based on meat. But that doesn’t mean that we do not think of vegans and vegetarians. Many popular restaurants actually have different menus available (vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, etc). And here, we will introduce you to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Belgrade.

Pro-tip: During the lent, many Serbian people do not consume eggs, milk, and meat (except fish). So, in that period, almost all restaurants expand their choices of such meals. Of course, we advise you to ask your waiter for the suggestion.


Vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade

It is easy to find interesting vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade, usually in the very center of the city.

  • Mandala – This upscale restaurant is more than just a place to eat. It is a part of Lorca Design House, styled in the spirit of nature and ancient wisdoms. All ingredients are sourced locally, from their own organic Anahata farm. The venue reflects its core values on the menubeing simple, honoring, loving, and supporting Earth Mother through co-creation and conscious living. (Location: Kosančićev venac 9)
  • Mayka – The most diverse place of all the vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade. It offers a mix of various dishes – Indian, Vietnamese, Middle-Eastern, and European. For instance, you can enjoy the curry, cheese, different spices and sauces with your meal. Most importantly, we fully agree with their slogan – “It smells like love!“. The menu clearly indicates the vegan and gluten-free dishes. (Location: Nikole Spasića 5)
  • Radost fina kuhinjica – or simply Radost house. The name is very symbolic and it means “Joy”. All of their ingredients are certainly selected with joy and care. Located very close to Kalemegdan fortress and famous Savamala district, it has a wonderful outdoor garden. The atmosphere is really cozy, so you will feel like at home. (Location: Pariska 3)
  • Oliva – This restaurant is located in New Belgrade, in the West End Business Center. Therefore, it is a favorite place of environmentally-conscious businesspeople. Check out their menu, and enjoy the breakfast, pasta, bruschetta, salad, or one of the main courses. They serve fish, and they have a vegan corner as well. (Location: West End, Omladinskih brigada 86)


Vegan restaurants in Belgrade

We know that it is a bit harder to find vegan restaurants in Belgrade. However, with us, everything is possible. Here are our suggestions for you:

  • Vegessence – The place which offers not just the tasty organic food, but the detox program as well. Enjoy the selection of savory salads, wraps, sweets, and cold-pressed juices. It is just amazing to see what kind of delicacies can be made with raw food only. (Location: Bore Markovića 13-15)
  • Đumbir Super Food Bar – Try their daily menu or choose a-la-carte dish. You can even eat a burger here! Catering and deliveries are possible, too. They are proud of their zero-waste policy and sustainability. Food is always fresh, as they cooperate with local producers. In short, we just love their eco-friendly approach and strong sense of ethics! (Location: Svetozara Markovića 36)

Other vegetarian-friendly places

In addition, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan-friendly cafes and snack bars around Belgrade. For example, Zdravo Živo is a small family-owned bar in Belville, selling raw food and juices. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, make sure to visit Ćao Šećeru. It is a little pastry shop, with a huge selection of vegan sweets – muffins, cakes, crapes, and even jams. Further, we recommend BioHarmony, Eat Healthy, Recept, and Bio-Vita Vegan Kiosk. In each one of them, you will find a nice snack, meal or refreshment. To sum up, Belgrade offers great food for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.

Due to protective measures against COVID-19, restaurants may decide to limit the number of seats available. Working hours can be adjusted according to the governmental directions. The rules can change on very short notice, so thank you for understanding and patience.

In conclusion, feel free to choose one of the numerous regular, vegetarian, or vegan restaurants in Belgrade. Enjoy the creativity of our best chefs. Indulge your senses in local, fresh tastes. And, if in doubt – ask us. We can help you select the place which suits your needs the best. Moreover, if you do not like to eat alone, we can make sure you enjoy your dinner in a beautiful company.

Bon Appétit!

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