Vegetable salad is quite enough for a complete meal when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.



With the addition of croutons, pasta, cheese, meat or dried meat products … vegetable salad is quite enough for a complete meal and is most enjoyable when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

Salads are served in winter and summer, but they are primarily an addition to the main, concrete dish. And while during the winter, in addition to fresh cabbage, rhino and radish, we mean turkey under the salad, the summer is the right time to enjoy the garden fruits. The market is full of fresh vegetables that are abundant with vitamins, minerals … and calories are successfully circumcised.

To many, this is the main reason for the changes in nutrition – they think salads do not go and declare them for their favorite foods. With meats and bread, of course. Others are the main reason that salads do not burden the stomach and feel lightly like a scarf, even if they weigh and weigh a hundred pounds of scales. They are much better off than after lunch with steak and mayonnaise as an attachment. The main course is not an attachment.

Since almost nothing in life is not the way it looks at first glance, so you can bend the salad, and it’s nice to cling to it. How much cheese are you putting in a salad? If you justify that you lack only protein and all the other healthy food items you fulfill, you have been able to justify half of it, because it all depends on the amount of cheese in the salad. And bread? Do you eat bread with salad? And do you also put a little cream in order to improve the taste?

There are many more parameters that say salads and do not overlook calories, especially as they are treated in the menu as a supplement to the main course. The simplest and most effective solution is that, when you have already put cheese in the salad, and a bit of roasted meat, and a cream … proclaim the salad – the main course.

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