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This week, the school week is starting on all faculties which belong to the University of Belgrade. As a university city, Belgrade attracts many students every October – not just from Serbia and region, but the world as well. Some of the buildings or other locations you can see in the city center belong to the university itself. And of course, there are other iconic hotspots, made by students and for students, which have a long history and tradition. Some of them are student dorms, KST nightclub, canteens, libraries, and other places that make the student life unforgettable.

The University of Belgrade is the oldest and biggest higher education institution in Serbia. It has 31 faculty, 11 science and research institutes, and 13 centers.  Last year, over 12,000 people graduated from their undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.


Students Square (Studentski Trg)

Students – our future leaders and professionals – are so important in Belgrade that the entire square “belongs” to them. The Students Square, with its Students Park, is one of the central squares of Belgrade. In fact, it is just 500 meters away from the Republic Square.

The buildings which surround the Student’s Square are not just educational centers, but also an important part of our history, culture, and tradition. The square connects to the central street – Knez Mihajlova – via the Academic Plateau. The Plateau has several cafes, a restaurant, a bookstore “Plato”, and a monument to Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, who was a prince, poet, and philosopher.


The University of Belgrade – Rectorate, and Faculties

One of the most beautiful and impressive buildings of Belgrade is certainly the Rectorate. The official name of the building is the Captain’s Miša’s Mansion (in Serbian: Kapetan-Mišino zdanje). The Captain Miša gifted it to the country, for educational purposes. Built in 1863, today it is the chair of the university.

Faculties of philosophy, philology, geography, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and physical chemistry are all around the Students Square. That is why the entire area is bustling, full of young people mingling, relaxing in the park, and even studying in the surrounding cafes.


The Faculty of Law – the oldest Faculty of the University of Belgrade

The impressive building just across the Tašmajdan park is the Faculty of Law. In 1808, the Belgrade Higher School was found. It is considered to be the first Serbian university.  It has 3 departments – Philosophy, Engineering, and Law. In the next few decades, Belgrade Higher School formally evolved to the Faculty of Law. Subsequently, the University established various faculties. Of course, you can feel free to enter the Faculty’s atrium, or even to have a coffee in its cafe!


KST – Technic Students Club (Klub Studenata Tehnike)

In the vicinity of the Faculty of Law, you will find the Technical Faculties building. Besides several faculties, it also houses the iconic Technic Students Club (in Serbian: Klub Studenata Tehnike – KST). It is the cultural hotspot of Belgrade, as it is the oldest club in Belgrade. It is 68 years old! We party there, our parents partied there, and even our grandparents did!

During its history, KST organized countless cultural and musical events, workshops, classes, lectures, and endless opportunities for socialization. It is hard to imagine a place that impacted the lives of students more than KST did. The legendary Maskenbal is always in December, and of course, everyone is welcome. Reserve your tickets in advance and be creative! On that night, you can be anything you want!

Fun fact: It is a tradition for a student who graduates from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, to take a photo next to the Monument to Nikola Tesla, which is just in front of it.

If you are coming to Belgrade now, this is the perfect time for partying, of course in line with COVID prevention measures. Students are back in the town, bringing their energy and making an awesome atmosphere in the clubs. It does not matter if you are young or old – all that matters is how you feel! Bring your energy and see you on the dancefloor!


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