Trip to Belgrade is worth your time.. Visit this amazing town!



Belgrade will never be among the most beautiful European cities, but it compensates for the lack of European charm with affordable entertainment, although perhaps not for long …
Chairs stretching from the cafes to the trolls with a bowl, musicians playing for tourists, while the techno rhythm throughout the city keeps young by the morning ..

The city is very cheap for visitors, but its chic future is fast approaching. In a way, it looks like in Budapest with its crazy bars 10 years ago or in the Prague in the 90s. Dirty, filled with life and unknown to Americans, but with some style that none of these places had until they were already flooded with tourists. Now is the right time for this unusual destination ..

Air Serbia Air Serbia started last year to fly from New York, and construction of a project that should transform non-functional land along the Sava River into the city core began.

New Year is exciting time in Belgrade, with crazy street parties and hundreds of thousands of tourists, mostly from neighboring Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, and open-air concerts and fireworks.

Belgrade will never be in competition with the most beautiful European cities, partly because it has been destroyed and repaired over the past 2,000 years. Visitors can expect buildings in a “brutalistic” style from the time of socialism, as well as government buildings that were destroyed in NATO bombing in 1999 and never rebuilt. Despite the neglect, there are also elegant buildings of the 19th century architecture, especially in the central pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova.

The lack of European charm, Belgrade replaces an affordable luxury.
Among the obligatory things to do in Belgrade, a visit to Kalemegdan is recommended, saying that much of the tumultuous history of Belgrade was recorded in the Military Museum, where objects from Roman swords can be found to the remains of an American stelt bomber shot down in 1999.

At Kalemegdan, where the entrance is free, various activities such as shooting, tennis and basketball are offered, but what can be done is what local people do – take beer and sit on the wall with the best view of the city.

It is also recommended to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, where its greatest successes, but also unsuccessful projects are exposed.

Thanks to the young population and reasonable prices, Belgrade has become one of the first European destinations for parties!

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