Top six Adventures What You Need to Do in Belgrade


Have you ever thought about looking for the right adventure in Belgrade?

Kayak on the river

You probably already heard that Belgrade lies at the mouth of the Sava River in the Danube. This location gives the opportunity for water sports and swimming in the lake and rivers. Regardless of whether you have experience in kayaking, or not, start to feel the magic of this water sports. By navigating through the water, you will discover the beauty of wildlife while exploring hidden rafts, shores, bridges, river beaches.

Bungee jumping

Another little more extreme option is bungee jumping, a highly adrenaline sport that you can try on the island of Ada. The bungee jumping construction consists of a fixed crane with a platform that can reach a height of up to 55 meters. Before, as well as during the jump, trained professionals will assist you in everything you need for your adrenaline jump.

Sunset from the Kalemegdan Fortress

Sunset over the Belgrade rivers is something very different. For those who do not know, the Belgrade Fortress is located at the top of a 125-meter high end point of the ridge of the Šumadija geological pond.

Nightlife of Belgrade

Belgrade is generally known as the most interesting city in Europe. So do not miss a party in one of the most famous openings during the summer, as well as in the winter when decks are open to all lovers.

Discover Belgrade’s secrets below the ground

The best way to try this adventure is to take a Belgrade tour under the ground. It strives to reveal the most hidden secrets of the city. The rich history keeps caves, dungeons, river walls, tunnels, bunkers, and destroyed and built constructions during different nations in Belgrade during the past period.

Bicycle ride through Zemun and Novi Beograd

 The best way to visit Novi Beograd and Zemun is to rent a bike. Zemun and Novi Beograd are cities with a strong identity and many stories speak about it.

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