This October our capital will be visited by Jason Derulo.



When it comes to Belgrade, apart from being a big capital, a center of fun and good food, it has become a center of musical events. The world’s greatest names, such as The Scorpions, Rihanna, Brian Feri, bands, sports events such as Euro 4, tennis tournaments, water polo matches, a couple of years ago tournament even in futsal are just some of the things that attract numerous visitors and tourists, guests and fans, competitors and artists in Belgrade, this October our capital will be visited by Jason Derulo.

Guests of Belgrade like to visit the surrounding places and festivals, so Beer fest, Guca, as well as numerous local festivals of wine, food, as well as professional fairs and congresses are focusing each year.

The author of some of the greatest current hits in the world of pop music today, Jason Derulo, will perform on October 28 in Stark Arena!

This world superstar is currently best known for the addictive “Tip Toe”, hit “Swalla” with over one billion views on YouTube, “If I’m Lucky” and the song “Colors”, which is also the anthem of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

With over 102 million reviews and equivalents worldwide, both his hits “Watcha Say” and “Talk Dirty” [feat. 2 Chainz] had a quadruple platinum status, while “Want To Want Me” and “Ridin Solo” earned a triple platinum. “Trumpets”, “Wiggle” [feat. Snoop Dogg] and “In My Head” won double platinum awards.

Platinum singles include “Marry Me”, “The Other Side” and “It Girl”, while “Get Ugly” and “Dont Wanna Go Home” went as golden. Straps of his tracks exceed 6.3 billion, and reviews on YouTube have exceeded 4 billion. On the radio, his music has reached more than 20 billion listeners, with over 3.5 million releases!

Derulo’s music is generally pop, but also includes R & B and hip-hop influence. Mostly called Michael Jackson for his inspiration. Derulo says: “He is the reason I am today. When I was 4 years old, I saw him for the first time, I saw how he moved the crowd and how people touched so. ”

His other musical influences are Elvis Prisley, Madonna, Prince, Usher and Justin Timberlake.

Speaking of his overall music and sound, people claim that Derulo works “in two musical fashion”, describing the style as PG-romance dance-pop, and then another element as “bumping, fauk-crass club thumper”. It is said that Derulo tuned his two affinities sufficiently, as they became accustomed to each other..


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