The White Snake and the Belgrade audience are stronger than the storm!


A recording of the final night of the White Snake concert at Tashmajdan, where the band and the audience refuse to retreat from heavy rain and storm, went to the world.

The White Snake concert is the main topic of the Serbian, regional and world media, because, as the organizers point out, it is not remembered that any band refused to withdraw from the stage because of the heavy rain and the storm that Belgrade hit yesterday.

Social networks were burning with congratulations to David Coverdale and “Watson” as well as to the Serbian audience, while many professionals estimated that the performance on the stage was flooded with water and under the rains of rain and storm wind was “craziness in which the real wonder is that no one from the band died. ”

On worried comments from friends and fans on Twitter, Coverdale sheretically replied: “Nothing can stop Snakes and nothing can stop our audience.”

And it all seemed as if this was going to be a perfect summer concert – a crowded stadium, visibly moody Coverdale and an audience that from the beginning to the end of the tunes sang songs “Bad Boys”, “Slide It In”, “Is This Love “,” Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City “, and the incredible energy the band and fans exchanged during the show.

Somewhere in the 80’s of the concert, when he was already at the end, during the performance “Here I Go Again”, storm clouds swept over Tasmajdan, and the lightning and the wind signaled a great deal of storm.

Although he was supposed to leave the stage at the time, Coverdale sang “Style Of The Night” by fanning the fans in an incredible adventure – the rain poured as if out of the cable, mostly popping up with the famous singer and guitarist Reba Bitch, while the keyboardist Mikele Lupe covered his head and keyboards with a curtain and continued to play.

Stage was soaked with water, while frenzied technicians ran through her, trying to keep the situation under control.

It is not known where is the craziness and the more dazzling atmosphere – on stage or in the audience – Koverdejl, who in spite of the rain that, as if swallowed by him, heated his Serbian fans with a glass of glass and fans who refuse to escape, singing “Still Of The Night ” of all strength, a brave band that wet to bare skin plays as if nothing happens.

“David, a Serb”, was slaughtered out of thousands of throats and, indeed, Couverdeil seemed to possess the so-called ” Serbian incarceration, defying a fierce storm, refused to leave the stage until the song was finished, Tanjug reports.

Thanks to the audience in Serbian and English, the famous singer put his hand on the heart and bowed to the fans, knowing that this concert will enter history as a (not) school example of professionalism and commitment to fans.

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