The traditional manifestation “Days of Belgrade” is on!


The traditional manifestation “Days of Belgrade” will be held from April 16th to 19th at the Belgrade Fortress organized by the Secretariat for City Culture and the Youth Theater Dadov.

The manifestation marks the period between the two most important events in the history of Belgrade.

The name of the Serbian name was first mentioned on April 16, 878, in the letter of Pope John VIII, and Prince Mihailo Obrenovic received the keys of the city from the Turks on April 19, 1867, making Belgrade the city of Belgrade again.

Apart from several big concerts featuring our famous singers such as Bora Djordjevic, Djordje David, Nesha Galija, Gale Kerber, Dejan Najdanovic Najda, Bojana Stojmenov, Snezana Jandrlic and Tanja Jovicevic as well as opera artists will be held and pedestrian tours within which visitors will have the opportunity to hear interesting stories from the past of Belgrade.

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