The Serb, after a two-day epic drama, knocked down Nadal for the finals of Wimbledon


The best Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic defeated Spaniard Raphael Nadal after two days of the Wimbledon semifinals – 6: 4, 3: 6, 7: 6, 3: 6, 10: 8.

Djokovic will fight for the fourth title at the London Grand Slam in Sunday’s final (with Kevin Anderson of South Africa) for 15 hours.

It will be his first finale of the finals after 22 months, that is, the US Open in 2016, when he was defeated by Wahrinka.

It was 52. Clasic, as they are called Djokovic and Nadal matches, and the 27th triumph of Serb.

Novak and Rafa waited on Anderson and Izner on Friday to complete the match, which lasted more than six and a half hours, and then came to the Central Field for about 21 hours (Central European time). What happened in the next three hours and then more than two hours in today’s match of the match can not be persuaded. Whoever did not look, he missed a lot.
Serbian and Spanish titans have led superhuman fight!

Of their 52 games, this has played the most games – 59!

At the same time, these two semifinals are the longest in Wimbledon history!

Djokovic met with a 2: 1 lead in sets on Saturday. However, Nadal was better off when they returned to the Central Field grass today.

Spaniard made the break in the fourth set (2: 0), Novak returned (2: 3), but when Nadal again took away the service (5: 3), there was no return for the Serb. Rafa equalized to 2: 2 in sets (6: 3).

And then there was an incredible fifth set!

There was a breakdown of opportunities on both sides, much more had a Serbian tennis player, but the servers were always able to get out.

Up until the 17th …

In the eighth game, the Serbian tennis player first reached the breakthrough, but Spaniard saved a good service.
In the next, the ninth game, the Serbian tennis player faced two breaks of the ball, however, he saved them and brought him 5: 4.

Djokovic was 0:30 at the rivals’ service, but Nadal again managed to get himself out of favor with the unsuccessful situation and equalize.

Both were then confident in their service gems, so that Djokovic met with a break ball in the 15th game for 10 minutes, but saved a good service.

Novak played a match in the 16th game, but Nadal managed to save her after a good slide, and then came to a level equal to 8: 8.

New safe service by gem Djokovic came to the advantage of 9: 8 …

Then Djokovic made a break, without losing points, and put a point on the match (10: 8) about which he will talk for a long time, for a long time.

This duel.. a titanium duel will surely enter the sports history!

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