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Soon the summertime is here .. That’s why we will take you through some other places that keep Belgrade awake at night.

Sava and Zemun waterside…Knez Mihailova..Outdoor parties and gigs

Sava and Zemun waterside

When the summer comes, these two promenades are crowded every night by people who want to relax by the river. The promenade becomes crowded, and beside every promenade, on the water there is a large number of rafts that mingle with their food, music and atmosphere. If your departure starts once a walk along the Sava or Zemun waterside, and ends spontaneously on an abortion with the sounds of current music and afternoon, then you know how Belgrade works. Spontaneous outings are the best, and of course, just enjoying a quiet evening on one of the rafts can be a hit, if you are in that mood.

Knez Mihailova

Maybe it sounds weird, but Knez Mihailova Street is really the right place to feel the pulse of the city, absorb its energy and get into the mass of positive people. Foreigners are mostly interested in apartments in Knez Mihailova, because they want a complete experience in a street that is non stop full of life. Here you can also find the most incredible fashion combinations, crazy hairstyles, the most memorable styling and people of all generations. In the street there is a large number of cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, and along with it you can find beer, fast food restaurants and everything you need. In warm summer nights, the gardens of these same cafes are equally full, as during the day, so many here go to a cocktail before they end up going to a club.

Outdoor parties and gigs

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the summer to transfer from ensconced indoor clubs and bars to the gardens of these outlets or simply go to places where open-air parties are open. During the summer, Kalemegdan is often the center of such events, especially because during this period a lot of music festivals begin, so there is almost always a party here. The advantage of these night outings is that you are in fresh air, and even if it comes to the rain, no one goes to the house, but the party continues as if nothing is happening. The year has been a favorite for many of the time of the year because of such events, so every tourist will definitely enjoy everything that Belgrade offers.

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