The night of music traditionally in Tashmajdan


The night of music traditionally in Tashmajdan

The free concert of the Symphony Orchestra within the “Night of Music” will be held on Friday, August 31st, beginning at 8.30 pm, at the most beautiful summer stage of the stadium Tasmajdan.

According to the world metropolis, visitors of the open-air music spectacle will be able to enjoy the notes of one of the most performed operas by German composer Karl Orf, the cantata “Karmina Burana”.

The famous work of classical music of the past century will be presented to the Belgrade audience by the Symphony Orchestra of RTS, under the conductor baton of master Bojan Suđić, one of the leading names of the Serbian classical scene.

It came from the forgotten collection of manuscripts, “Karmina Burana” inspired by the verses of medieval singers, students, philosophers of their everyday life – love, religion, attitude towards nature.

Images of that time, simplicity and life rhythm have made it interesting to all ages, fans of opera and pop music around the world, and it is quite certain that guests of the Belgrade “Night of Music” will enjoy its performance. Since the entrance to the concert is completely free, it appeals to visitors to take their place in time.

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