The National Institution of the National Library of Serbia


The National Institution of the National Library of Serbia is much longer than the building it is today.

It was founded in 1832, and looking back on the past, it seems almost unlikely that a mandatory copy was introduced as early as 1870, when the fund began to grow significantly.

The history of the National Library does not forget the building on Kosančić wreath and on April 6, 1941 when the library was destroyed in the German bombing of Belgrade. With it, more than 300,000 printed books, 1,500 medieval manuscript books, valuable collections of documents, engravings, maps, paintings, the personal library of Vuk Karadzic, Djuro Danicic, Lukian Musicki were burned…

Today, the site of the library contains parts of the demolished walls, with the idea of ​​appropriately marking the space and the event and preserving it from oblivion. Until then, in the summer period, in addition to the rest of the library, literary meetings “Evenings on Kosančić” are held.

The National Library building on the Vracar Plateau, erected in 1973, is the work of Ivo Kurtovic, a professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Painting, originally from Brac, who moved to Belgrade between the two world wars.

The National Library offers 12 reading rooms with 600 seats and wireless internet. The library has its own publishing, educational center, scientific and cultural-artistic programs held in the halls, amphitheater, atrium, on the plateau in front of the building…

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